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Guinea Opposition Withdraws from Dialogue Talks, UFDG Issues Detailed Statement About How Attack Happened Condemning Gov’t.’s Propaganda Machine to Shift Blame

June 20, 2013
Posted on June 20, 2013

Wednesday’s violence that followed the appearance of Diallo in court has political consequences. The coalition of opposition in the collective, ADP, CDR and FDP, after a meeting on Thursday, decided to withdraw from the negotiating table.

Political opponents of the regime of President Alpha Conde condemned the “police repression” against Elhadj Diallo before expressing their solidarity with the boss of the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG). The meeting was held at the headquarters of the UFDG. Apart from Lansana Kouyaté and Kassory Fofana, all political opposition leaders were present at the conclave. We will return.

Alpha Oumar Diallo et Mamadou Aliou Barry pour


The National Directorate of UFDG followed with surprise, different press releases issued by the Government and other public services, including the Press Office of the Presidency of the Republic and the General Directorate of the Police Service, reporting on violence following the passage of the President UFDG to the Court of First Instance (CFI) in Dixinn. These releases, as usual, assign responsibility for attacking citizens walking along the route and vandalizing shops and to activists of the UFDG who were the ones who were attacked.

The National Directorate of UFDG categorically denies these unfounded allegations. Allow us, rather, to present the facts as they occurred. President of the UFDG, Elhadj Diallo decided to respond to the subpoena that TPI Dixinn had sent him last April. Around 9:30 am, the President of the UFDG, with some opposition leaders, activists and supporters of the UFDG, left his home in order to arrive at TPI Dixinn at 10:15 am. The prosecutor’s office where he was received, along with other opposition leaders and in the presence of counsel, the counsel for the complainant informed Diallo that his client, the complainant, was willing to withdraw its complaint for a criminal mediation. The leader of the UFDG said he was not prepared to enter into any negotiations with the complainant, but if he decided to withdraw his complaint, he would act. The prosecutor said that he took note and he informed Elhadj Diallo that he will agree with the complainant. At this point, the leader of UFDG went back to his home, accompanied by his supporters.
When Diallo’s entourage arrived at the Donka school, they were joined by two pick-up trucks of police who tried to disperse the procession with tear gas and stones. Some young marchers reciprocated and the police were left on the side of the road. Thus, the procession continued he slowly to the point of the Total petrol station in the former Oasis club where Diallo’s entourage was again intercepted by a group of more numerous and violent police. They sprang into action against the procession with tear gas and throwing stones while making arrests of activists, especially women who could not run. At one point, the police were directly behind the car of the President of the UFDG who got out and asked the police to stop the violence against his supporters who were not protesters, but citizens returning from an open court session.
The police did not want to listen and instead kept throwing tear gas and stones and fired into the air. It is in these conditions qu’Elhadj Cellou Dalein and what remained of his retinue headed towards his home.  A few minutes later to the surprise of all, tear gas bombs and stones began to rain within the property of Diallo’s home. According to witnesses who were standing outside, police received support from three minibuses full of hooligans.  For two hours, the home of Cellou Dalein was subjected to this shower of stones and tear gas which was thrown on both sides of the street towards the sea  The results of the violence in the home of the President of the UFDG was 17 serious injuries including one person with a gunshot and at least 20 heavily damaged cars.
To this, another 33 people were wounded, primairly in neighborhoods of Ratoma,, two by bullets (now in a coma) outside the home Elhadj Diallo (Diallo stated yesterday that ambulances were not allowed to leave the area of his home to take the more serious victims to hospital because security forces had blocked roads, Ed., Guinea Oye).  All that happened took place in front of many journalists from the national and international press and in the presence of leaders of the Republican opposition. Clearly these are the security forces supported subsequently by hooligans who call themselves Knights of the Republic, who are solely responsible for the attacks against the President of the UFDG and the activists during the day of Wednesday, June 19, 2013. National Party leadership will draw all the consequences.
Conakry , June 19, 2013 The National Directorate of UFDG
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