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(VIDEOS-FR) – Conde’s Security Forces and RPG Thugs Tear Gas Home of Opposition Leader, Cellou Diallo: Several Injured, Some by Live Fire and UFDG Party Pulls Out of Dialogue Talks

June 19, 2013

Alpha Conde engineered a political trial against Cellou Diallo in which he is charged with defamation of one of Conde’s cronies, Malick Sankhon. Today was Dailo’s second appearance before the court in this matter and many of his fellow party leaders and supporters showed up to support him.  Trouble began when security forces prevented opposition supporters from entering the courtroom and numerous RPG party thugs were there to further disrupt the crowd.  Scuffles and rock throwing ensued.  As Diallo’s entourage headed back to his home after the court session, they were hit with tear gas and when he arrived home his house was tear-gassed by police and RPG thugs. Other state forces and RPG busied themselves with damaging vehicles and stealing from the home.

The UFDG website is reporting that 15 people are wounded, three of them were shot with live fire and are in serious condition.  There have been arrests as well.  Guinean websites are reporting that after today’s attack on his home, Diallo, has met with the political leadership of his UFDG party and a unanimous decision was made to withdraw from dialogue talks.  No word as to what other opposition parties might do.

This is not the first time Diallo’s house has been tear-gassed by security forces.  Last August, prior to an opposition march, security forces entered Diallo’s home and  let off dozens of tear gas canisters.  Many people in and around the house were overcome by the gas.  Later in this opposition march, Cellou Diallo, Lansana Kouyate, and Sidya Toure (former prime ministers and current presidents of the primary opposition parties) were the victim of an assassination attempt by Conde’s forces as the car they were riding in was hit by live fire and a grenade.

Sadly, today’s events reflect just another day in the lawless land of Alpha Conde where political opponents are treated like enemies of the state.

Several articles below, translated into English by Google.  Various videos of the day’s events follow.  

Stay tuned . . .


The court of first instance Dixin, where the leader of the Guinean opposition, Diallo was convened this morning in the defamation suit  filed by Sankhon Malick, director of social security, the crowd of activists accompanied Diallo, has clashed with security forces who refused them entry into the courtroom. Diallo was also accompanied by some leaders, including the NFD Diallo, Charles Pascal Tolno PPG, and Jean Marc Telliano, president of RDIG and Jean Marie Dore, President of UGG and former prime minister under the Transition General Konate.

At the end of the court, the tension rose between the two parties turned into a confrontation, the police fired tear gas into the crowd, young people responded by throwing stones.
Upon arrival at home Diallo, his car was surrounded by police, and other young people who participated in the arrests of its activists, he came down, and instantly, the forces of the would order the strikes blows, causing a return of militants dispersed. Cellou Dalein could finally reach his home.

According Maladho Diallo UFDG, the ambulance came retrieve the wounded was attacked by youths who accompany police.

When we post such information, armed with knives and stones youth, reinforced by the presence of police surrounded the home Diallo, throwing stones and attacking passers-by to some facies. Attorney Dixin, arrived at Diallo, promising to free the young injured and arrested, for those who surround her home no word yet.


Wounded by live ammunition, according to a member of the UFDG

Posted on June 19, 2013

Fighting continues in the same time in the neighborhoods of Hamdallaye Bambeto-axis. Elements of the security forces clash with tear gas youths armed with stone militants.

Reached by phone, Ousmane Diallo, Executive Office UFDG, says that the party already has several wounded, some by live ammunition. “There are twenty people who are affected either by bullets or by knives and bullets.” said the young assets UFDG.

For him, nothing justifies the violence of the police following the convening of Diallo in court. ” We had left the court, we went to the President of the UFDG home, the traffic was not disturbed except for a few jams. So there was no mess that can justify the throw tear gas. There have been people who have surrounded the home Elhadj Diallo to throw stones in the courtyard. This is are the same practices that the government uses to tribaliser the repression of our members , “says Ousmane Diallo.

According to our information, the ambassador of the United States Conakry visited private home Diallo to inquire about the realities. “Ambassadors came, the prosecutor, lawyers came to see the damage”, says our source. The latest news, traffic is completely disrupted the Hamdallaye-Bambeto where youth and police clash axis. We will return

The home Diallo is besieged since this morning by the police. All cars were destroyed on site. The house was vandalized, objects were looted and taken away. Many of the wounded are counted. Injured they can not evacuate to hospitals to receive health care as police blocked all access to input and output.
Dalein life is endangered. Diplomatic sources say that Alpha Conde has not withstood the pressure that world leaders have put him at the G8 summit. Asked clearly meet the Ouagadougou agreements which stipulate the sharing of power. The G8 Speakers also ordered him to stop the persecution of opposition activists.
(The public prosecutor of Dixinn at Diallo’s home receiving  details about the attacks)
(After the public prosecutor leaves, trouble begins to heat up again – tear gas)
(The public prosecutor of Dixinn speaking with opposition supporters at Diallo’s home)
(Police, opposition supporters and members of the presidential movement)
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  1. June 20, 2013 8:09 AM

    It has clearly shown that alpha conde wants guinea to returned to one party state by repressing other political parties. This could simply be archieved by not agreeying to the opposition demands which would result to the opposition bouycating the election

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