Opposition Communique on CENI’s Timeline for Legislative Elections: After Getting OK on Waymark, CENI Doing Its Best to Dis-Engage from Opposition



Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP)
Collective political parties to finalize the transition (Collective)
Club Republicans (CDR)
Front Union for Democracy and Progress (PDF)
Conakry, June 17, 2013
For the attention of Mr facilitators of inter-Guinean political dialogue
Subject: Project timeline
legislative elections
Gentlemen Facilitators,
We acknowledge receipt of the draft timetable that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has sent you dated June 13, 2013 and have the honor to share the analysis that ADP, the Collective, CDR and FDP were made.
Indeed, after examining “the summary of the findings and recommendations of the inter-Guinean national dialogue” that you kindly send us, we would like to draw your kind attention to paragraph 19 of the report that the international facilitator noted: “that If there was still work to do “and explicitly” discussed issues on which there is still no complete agreement. “
Among others, the following activities under the framework of dialogue are not yet implemented:
1 – The establishment of the Committee to ensure the INEC;
2 – Reconstruction of CARLE;
3 – The opening of a reasonable period of exceptional revision of electoral rolls;
4 – Recruitment by the opposition of two experts from the CENI
Similarly, the following issues, although it was discussed at the Policy Dialogue, have not yet been the subject of consensus:
1 – transparent technical operator of a new revision of the electoral file to be used for the 2015 presidential election;
2 – compensation and support for victims of violence perpetrated in recent months during the peaceful protests of the opposition;
3 – The commitment of diligent and transparent measures for identification, the court case and the effective punishment of perpetrators of violence against demonstrators;
We also recall that paragraph 17 of your summary report addresses the issue of timing in these words: “this question would be a consequence of a number of conclusions that are drawn on the first three questions of the order the day. “
Taking into account the foregoing, the Republican opposition believes that important issues related to the first three items on the agenda of the dialogue still remain. Also, the timing is supposed to be the direct result of consensus thereon, would it not be validated.
In addition, the draft timetable submitted by the CENI has the following drawbacks:
– It ignores the legal time for planning and implementation of activities and violates the provisions of Article 62 of the Electoral Code, which provides for a period of 60 days, in case of cancellation for a vote;
– It does not meet the conditionalities its implementation is highly dependent on particular approval by stakeholders in dialogue later, Friday, June 14, 2013;
– It is already obsolete due to delays in the implementation of CARLE and opening period of exceptional revision of electoral rolls;
In any event, we wish to recall that the Republican opposition will be effectively involved in the electoral process after signing of the Global Political Agreement which result from dialogue and welcomes it, also of significant advances and prospects happy ending.
Accept Your Facilitators, the assurance of our highest consideration.
For ADP, the Collective of political parties
for the completion of the transition, the CDR and the FDP
The Spokesman

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