EU Electoral Experts Trying to Disassociate from CENI’s Fraudulent Election – Their Letter to CENI Prez

The European Union’s electoral experts working on the legislative elections wrote a letter to Bakary Fofana, CENI president this past Friday.  In a nutshell, it says:  “The jig is up and we are out of here.” 

The problems cited in their letter to Fofana are nothing new and Fofana’s duplicitous dealings have been there from day one — just ask opposition representatives to the CENI.
The EU team decided that, if it was to preserve a shred of its credibility, it needed to pull the fire alarm.
Here are excerpts from their letter:    

I regret to inform you that as to the technical consultation on the timing of the additional review, the technical assistance of the European Union has been systematically excluded from internal consultations . . .
After the facilitation of the political dialogue, the CENI was charged with proposing a new consensus timetable, taking into account the urgency and exceptional circumstances of the electoral process, making it the duty of the technical assistants who accompany the CENI to report risks arising from poor technical assessment of operations and the lack of consultation with all the actors in the structure and the technical experts.
It would be unfortunate if the CENI, which has been the subject of strong criticism throughout the dialogue, cannot take advantage of this opportunity to improve its credibility by offering a realistic timetable that is professional and acceptable to all stakeholders in the process.
Given the present context in which you appear to signal both a lack of transparency and an interest in improving collaboration between the technical experts and the CENI, we will not be able to continue this support, which necessarily involves suspension of our activities, putting into question the support of the EU in the electoral process in Guinea.
In order to restore a correlation of trust and satisfactory working conditions, it would be highly desirable to organize a meeting with the CENI, experts and donors to review the modalities for intervention for international technical assistance with the CENI.
June 14, 2013
Stephanie Vergniault
Axel Gysel
Codjo Kangala
EU electoral experts

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