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(VIDEO-FR): Struggling to Understand How the Dialogue Deal Went Down and What It Means for the Elections? Cellou Dalein Diallo, Opposition Leader, Gives Interview

June 13, 2013
Diallo5-23morgueCellou Dalein Diallo, President of the UFDG – Guinea Opposition Party
NOTE:   Video clips #2 and #4 are producing an error message and no video.  If, and when, this is straightened out, we will let you know — Guinea Oye.
In an interview with your daily online Guineenews Elhadj Diallo responds to the hot issues of the day: the ongoing political dialogue, the ability to accept a government of national unity, the possibility of forming electoral coalitions . during the upcoming parliamentary elections, the Sankhon Malick trial against Diallo, etc. Meanwhile decrypting the full interview, here are some video clips of this great interview:
1) – Dialogue is not finished talking Cellou Dalein
2) * – The dialogue process according to Diallo Cellou Dalein speaks of dialogue
3) – Diallo acknowledges that the formation of a government of national unity is not to be excluded Cellou Dalein speaks of unity government
4) * – “I wanted to change the Guinea by example” I wanted to change the Guinea
5) – Cellou Dalein on Country Governance: “I am very proud of my record, despite the difficulties” Cellou speaks Conte
6) – “All three negotiating points that remain are important” The three points of negotiation
7) – “We must reopen Carles to allow opposition activists to enlist”, says Diallo Reopening Carles
8) – Elhadj Diallo on trial who opposes Malick Sankhon Cellou talking about Malick Sankhon
Nouhou Baldé
Conakry, Guinée
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