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“ALPHA CONDE MUST GO!!” (Video) Guineans Protest at White House, Tourists Film Images of Conde’s Horror and Carnage

June 11, 2013
Today, a determined and spirited group of Guineans gathered in front of the White House to condemn Alpha Conde for gross human rights abuses including summary executions, rape, and burning of homes and businesses.  Alpha Conde, who came to the presidency through fraud in 2010, created a nightmare in Guinea by flagrantly violating the constitution and national laws and embracing violence to repress citizens.  Dissent, through peaceful protest by the country’s opposition, is met with deadly force, often resulting in the murders of young Guinean boys and men. Conde advocates ethnic hatred and gives security forces and his  Malinke militias carte blanche to invade Peul neighborhoods to kill families in their homes, rape women, and destroy houses and businesses.  

And, today, at the White House the anti-Conde protesters had the proof! They held huge placards that showed bloody images of Conde’s carnage (see videos below).  Tourists, normally excited by the sight of the White House, were far more interested in the protest and turned their cameras toward the protesters, taking both video and pictures. The tourists were from all over the world and, when they return home, those images will then be spread across the globe.
Bravo to the good, brave people of Guinea who came out today and told their story to the world.

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