Guinea Dialog Update 6-5: No Great Strides and No Slugfests

djinnitInternational Facilitator for Guinea Dialog
On Monday, June 3, the first day of the dialog between the opposition and the government, each side had separate pre-meetings with international facilitator, Said Djinnit.   At that meeting, the opposition presented Djinnit with a proposed agenda for the first formal meeting to take place the next day.  On several previous occasions over the last few years, the opposition has  complained that the government never provides agendas for meetings, making it impossible to move ahead.
The agenda presented to Djinnit on Monday, June 3 is as follows:  
1.  The Waymark-Sabari contract issues
2.  The inner workings of the electoral commission, THE CENI
2.  Voting for Guineans living abroad
3.   The schedule for elections
The opposition also suggested that the government could show good faith if it released opposition supporters being held in jail without cause.
Yesterday, Tuesday, June 4, was supposed to be the first full day of dialog, but the opposition asked for a postponement.  
Finally, the first dialog meeting finally took place today, June 5.  It last nearly nine hours and Said Djinnit met with reporters afterward.  Below is report.
Note, in the following article, it states that today’s meeting  was attended by representatives of the “international community.”  Ambassadors from France and the U. S. were in attendance.
Stay tuned . . .
Posted on June 5, 2013

Just after the meeting of politicians, “The first session of the dialogue was opened this morning at 10 am with the participation of delegations of the presidential party and the opposition and the presence of college facilitators and representatives of technical partners and financial representatives of the international community were also present.”

Parties adopted the agenda in four points:

1.  Questions related to the technical operator (Waymakr-Sabari) and voter registration

2;  Vote Guineans abroad

3.  Operation of the CENI

4.  Election Timeline

It was followed by frank exchanges between the parties on the issues of the agenda. I want to emphasize that the discussions took place in a friendly atmosphere, fraternal, in a constructive spirit in order to find the necessary compromises. The parties have agreed to maintain a climate conducive to further dialogue relaxation and healing. So I appeal to all that nothing is said, done which might compromise this mindset. the debate will resume tomorrow at 15 hours and in the meantime informal consultations will be conducted. “

Interview by Oumar M’Böh for


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