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VIDEO (FR): Guinean Opposition Leaders’ Press Conference in Paris

May 30, 2013
This past Sunday, opposition leaders Lansana Kouyate and Cellou Dalein Diallo travelled to Paris to meet with officials and to hold a press conference regarding the extremely urgent political situation in Guinea.  Below is a one-hour video of that press conference.

Diallo and Kouyate covered a wide range of topics:
-Diallo went into depth about the duplicitous nature of Alpha Conde’s government makes him unable to unite the country.  He also spoke about the brutality of the security forces and the broad range of crimes they commit.  He told the audience that he had seen, with his own eyes, a police officer shoot an unarmed adolescent in the head at point blank range.  Members of the audience drew in their breath in horror.
-Kouyate started his remarks by saying,”I’ll tell you something that Cellou didn’t tell you.”  He proceeded to announce that Alpha Conde hired foreign mercenaries who are currently working alongside security forces to attack opposition neighborhoods.
-Both Kouyate and Diallo hammered the EU representative to Guinea, Philippe Van Damme, for his unyielding support of the use of the Waymark contract in legislative elections and his unfair criticism of the opposition’s role in the political violence.  Kouyate said he knew Van Damme while they were both at the UN and that Van Damme had always done everything by the book, determined to take a fair approach to everything. Kouyate and Diallo attribute his biased turnabout to a public threat Alpha Conde made a while ago.  Conde said if any members of the diplomatic community got involved in political issues in Guinea, he would throw them out of the country.  It looks like Conde really meant he would throw diplomats out if they got involved against him.  Van Damme seems to have taken heed to this threat and has disgraced himself in the process.  Opposition supporters have demonstrated in front of his office in Conarky calling for his resignation
It is unfortunate the video is in French only — perhaps someone will issue a version with English subtitles.
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