The World According to Alhousseiny Makanera: An Amateur RPG Propagandist Makes the Mistake of Thinking His Audience is Stupid

GUINEAGUYGUN“We don’t kill people.  We just like carrying big guns.”

Makanera has it all figured out.  Bah Oury, exiled Vice-President of the UFDG, is raising funds and inciting violence among the young opposition supporters in order to challenge Cellou Dalein Diallo for the heart and soul of the party.  It is a huge insult to opposition supporters to claim that they had to be directed to carry weapons.   It is experience that has taught them this.  Dangerous experience in demonstrations being shot, stabbed, beaten, and hauled off to jail without cause has taught them the necessity of carrying weapons in order to defend themselves and their families.


As proof of the diabolical plan by Bah Oury to cause havoc within the UFDG party, Makanera re-presents the RPG movie-like script which first debuted last Thursday where young opposition supporters turn against their “father,”  Diallo, and attack him.  Good try, Makanera, but no cigar!  Shortly after the incident, Diallo gave the real story.  During the demonstration, a large police vehicle repeatedly rammed into the back of his vehicle.  Then the police rammers paused briefly enough for Malinke hooligans to step in and attack his car by throwing a large rock through a window, wounding Fode Soumah.  It is wishful thinking that promotes the creation of a lie like this and it is out of desperation that one would repeat it.


Now, regarding the police.  Kudos to for making four attempts to get Makanera to quit lying about the role of the cops in the murders and wounding of opposition supporters with live ammunition.  If you follow Makanera’s logic, the opposition supporters are killing each other!


Oh, one more thing.  Nothing about this violence is ethnic in nature.


Guinea Oye thanks Mr. Makanera for a good laugh and a truly fascinating trip through the mind of an RPG propagandist.


The performance, uh, interview follows.


Article translated via Google

Posted on May 27, 2013

Guinea has been a weekend of violence that befell many families on Hamdallaye Cement-axis. Opposition to the regime of President Condé accused militias RPG rainbow backed by law enforcement to be the perpetrators of these killings. joined the phone Alhousseiny Makanera, Executive Board Member of RPG rainbow sky for the version of the ruling party. Read the interview: our country has experienced several days of deadly clashes. According to what explains the violence?
Alhousseiny Makanera : the problem lies in the UFDG, contrary to what people analyze. This is the battle within UFDG that has resurfaced and is now doing the Guinean suffer. Elhadj Diallo, at the UFDG he is bringing the values ​​of peace and national unity. Political education is crossed by two streams: the favorable Dalein Diallo which is conducive to peace and current Bah Oury advocating violence and hatred flow. It is the struggle between these two tendencies within the political party that has passed the apex was reached at the Bah Oury supporters have publicly attacked Elhadj Diallo by stoning on his vehicle. When Elhadj Diallo asked Guinea to return and focus on peace, Bah Oury asking young people to go out and continue the resistance to attack security forces. Today we must qu’Elhadj Diallo is respected for it have the fullness manage the party. It is outside, exile is not good. The problem is that Bah Oury wants to go even with violence.

Do you think about Bah Oury can do 8 dead?
It is not only his speech, we know there are a number of people here that we know that are outside that collect money to fund youth thugs to protest and block. We know, but the time will come when everyone will answer for his actions. Speech Oury Bah came to give us reason presumptive people. The speech was broadcast very unfortunately, the night as I listened. You heard someone say that we will prepare for self-defense militias.

Numerous witnesses reported that many young people are shot dead by the police. What do you say?
I do not agree with you. This is not all those who died were killed by bullets by police. First I do not differentiate between dead, a Guinean who died is a Guinean who did not deserve to die because God said in his current “if you kill a person it is as if you killed all mankind “. But I must tell you, there are Guinean who have weapons of war. Even among the protesters are people who have guns. If you see your own investigation. Today I was surprised by the statement of the President of Halli Pular when he says that this repression is an ethnic group, it is not true. We live in areas where there are many Fulani, all those who are there is no danger. Come see us here Nongo nobody complains. So there may be collateral damage in these areas. But the basis is the bandits who attack barricades and kill people.

So the police do not kill?
I’m not saying that the police do not kill. There may smudge. But I want to say that wherever there is violence, because it’s bandits barricade, kill and injure. It is also clear many people were killed by these bandits.

What do you think of roles that police have made ​​to fit these events that made ​​shot dead?
should that make a difference between the protesters who participated in these marches and bandits. Walking is a definite stretch and a definite period. If three or four days after the march, people take to the streets you do not have to do with elements of political parties, you have to do to bandits.

But there have been several cases of older than 14 years and 10 years young who are shot at close range in their home.
I do not know that they are killed in their home. But age does not check. Do not focus on age. You followed me as on national television, a 14 year old who wanted to rape and kill a girl. That is not the police. If the police had not arrested the young, we would say that it is the police who killed him. Whether someone is killed by security forces or bandits, must be condemned. But do not just think it’s the police who kill. The girl, everyone has seen his testimony. If he had not known, we would say that it is a toddler, it is a 14 year old, he can not do that. I’m not saying there is not a blunder on the part of law enforcement. The cause is that the bandits are everything. I frankly am opposed to the people of Cosa, rather than as a victim resigned, they had prevented the bandits turn their place in war, many people would not die. For us, the people said no bandit will not come here, is that the police came here. Them, they accept that the bandits barricade, they accept that they stab, when the police come, they say police launch gas kill. But do they have prevented young to go out and barricade. I’m not saying that there were no burrs. If there was barb is because there were bandits who made ​​dams, who stabbed people.

Thank you for accepting this interview

It is with pleasure.

Interview conducted by Alpha Oumar Diallo
alpha.oumar @
224 666 62 25 24


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