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The Guinea Gov’t. Might Wish Opposition Supporters Would Turn on Their Leaders, But It Didn’t Happen Yesterday and Never Will

May 24, 2013
How does the Guinean government keep all its lies straight?  Over the airwaves yesterday, the government said that police protected opposition leaders when attacked by their own supporters.  This never happened.  It was Conde’s RPG thugs who attacked the leaders with the help and protection of the police.  Perhaps, those in the government are engaged in wishful thinking.  Can you blame them?  Hundreds of thousands of opposition supporters in the streets of Conakry, representing the overwhelming majority of the electorate, all calling for Conde’s departure, must be a maddening image to behold.
Of course, the government’s lie had less to do with wishful thinking and more with logistics and tactics which were planned well in advance to set up the attack on the opposition leaders by the RPG thugs and have the “security” forces support the effort.  A Conde supporter suggested that the young in the opposition are getting tired of being killed and injured by opposition leaders ordering them to the streets repeatedly.  Really?  Mr. Conde should thank these leaders because they are the only thing between him and young Guineans determined to have a democratic Guinea.
Below is the Opposition’s statement providing the facts on who did what to whom during yesterday’s march.
Opposition Statement on Aggression of “Security” Forces and RPG Thugs
The Republican opposition which includes the Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP), the Collective of Political Parties for Completing the Transition, the Republican Club (CDR) and the FDP,followed with astonishment a radio announcement this Thursday, May 23, 2013 by the GuineanGovernment stating that the police protected opposition political leaders who were attackedby their own activists.
Contrary to the government statement, the opposition leaders were not protected by
the police.  Rather the police repressed opposition demonstrators and protected RPG hooligans as they violently attacked the leaders of the opposition masquerading as protesters.  Thus, the assertion that the opposition leaders were attacked by their own activists is totally unfounded.
As usual, the police, accompanied by the RPG thugs in support of Conde, soon after the protests, invaded opposition strongholds, such as Ratoma, in order to commit all kinds of atrocities.
The provisional results of these punitive expeditions, is that four were shot and killed, forty injured, several with bullet wounds, and arbitrary arrests and lots of damage.
The Republican opposition is warning the government against this recurring violence
against its supporters, because it would intensify the current socio-political tensions and inexorably lead our country into serious political instability which threatens civil peace and national cohesion.
While condemning all violence from whatever source, the Republican opposition reaffirms its openness to the organization of credible and inclusive elections in a peaceful climate through dialogue.
The Republican opposition is asking the people of Guinea to remain mobilized and united for the establishment of a democratic society that respects human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Conakry, le 23 mai 2013.

Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP),

Collective Political Parties for Completing the Transition,

Republican Club (CDR) 

Front Union for Democracy and Progress (PDF)

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