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In Conde’s Guinea, High Price for Exercising Constitutional Rights of Free Speech and Assembly: Six Dead and Forty Wounded

May 24, 2013
Clashes between protesters and security forces have killed many of our countrymen:  “I was at the Donka hospital morgue, there are six dead, including four dead from live bullets,” confirmed the leader of the opposition, Guinean president of the UFDG, Elhadj Diallo.  Previously, by compiling information from ourvarious contacts, we were informed of several injuries and the deaths of five people, at least:
1) Mamadow Bailo Diallo, 25, shot
2) Alpha Ousmane barry, 23, shot
3) Gadirou Abdoul Barry, 29, shot
4) Alhassane Sylla, 14, beaten to death
5) Alpha Ibrahima Diallo, 28, by caning
Clashes broke out between young protesters and security forces, assisted by government supporters, continued until late yesterday, before resuming early this Friday morning in the suburbs of Conakry. The police spokesman said three pro-government individuals were killed.
Nouhou Baldé
Conakry, Guinée
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