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VIDEO Opposition March – 3-23: Security Forces Backed by RPG Militia, One Dead, Several Journalists and Party Staff Injured, and Conde’s Kristallnacht Cops in Bambeto

May 23, 2013

BAMBETO3-23CONDE’S KRISTALLNACHT COPS AND LOYALISTS IN BAMBETO:  The violence continued on the axis Bambeto and Hamdallaye-Bambeto Airport Gbessia. According to our reporters, supporters of Alpha Conde’s RPG arc-en-ciel, supported by security forces, looted and ransacked stores, shops, and private homes of citizens.  According to witnesses contacted by, pharmacy was emptied of its contents Bambeto. The Castle district, the RPG forces looted private homes of citizens suspected of belonging to the opposition. ” I saw a suitcase full of clothes in the pick-up of the police,”  says a witness contacted by our reporter.

After the opposition march today, journalist, Nouhou Balde of interviewed (in French) Faya Millimono, presi[ent of Guinea’s newest opposition party, the Liberal Block, about attacks on the vehicles carrying opposition leaders.  If you don’t read French, after the video is an article (in English) that describes the attack that Millimono is recounting for the reporter.  Further below are reports about death threats against journalists and Conde’s forces rampaging in the opposition stronghold of Bambeto.


Crisis policy in Guinea: Another protester killed by security forces

Translated into English via Google, with editing from Guinea Oye
Bountouraby Soumah  Jeudi, 23 Mai 2013 16:54

The event that the opposition had scheduled for this Thursday, May 23 was finally able to go to completion. Involved? The violent repression with which the security forces were opposed.

In fact, when all was relatively well past Enco 5 roundabout Bambeto, things deteriorated a little later. Walkers, bound for the roundabout to the airport, crossed the tracks of the city. In fact, before them, they faced fierce resistance from security forces who improperly used tear gas. According to our reporters, once again, security forces were backed up by followers of Conde’s political party, the RPG, who threw stones at the opposition marchers. It also means that more tear gas projectiles were thrown at the opposition activists. Thus, the vehicle of the leader of the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG),Cellou Dalein Diallo was damaged. One of his guards was wounded in the body. The same fate befell the guard of Jean-Marc Telliano. Fode Mohamed Soumah of Citizen Generation (Geci) also received a shot in the shoulder. Sadly, an opposition activist, in the person of Thierno Moussa Diallo, aged 23, was fatally wounded by a shot with live ammunition  – he died at the scene.

Before the fury of the combined forces and protesters against-the procession of the opposition leaders did not have the choice to return to the roundabout Bambeto. Thus, a colleague has declared we have seen Diallo’s vehicle, heading at full speed towards Kipé. Fearing for their lives, different leaders each have found shelter. While taking care not to reveal the secret in question.

Bountouraby Soumah
de Conakry pour GuineeActu
Journalists is reporting that several journalists were wounded today as well, some by live fire.  This appears to be in keeping with an upsurge in threats and attacks on Guinean journalists over the last several months as the news coverage of the criticism of Alpha Conde mounts.  Nouhou Balde, of, the reporter in the video above, has received very graphic death threats.  In addition, journalists associated with, were attacked during the last few days and there is one report that a private radio station crew was detained during the march in a police security vehicle.
In September 2012, during an opposition demonstration, in addition to the attempt by security services to assassinate four leaders of major political parties of the opposition, Malinke militia members attempted to hang four Guinean journalists.  Others came to their assistance and rescued them.
Conde’s Kristallnacht in Bambeto Neighborhood is reporting that Guinean security forces and Malinke militias not assigned to the march are conducting house to house searches in the opposition stronghold of Bambeto.  They are stealing valuables, roughing up families and hauling off to jail as many opposition supporters as possible.
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