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GUINEA UPDATE – May 19: Opposition Passes on Gov’t. Dialogue Mtg. and Announces Plans to March on May 23, Plus a Conde “Makeover” Includes Release of Some Opposition Prisoners

May 20, 2013
-The opposition met yesterday and decided to decline the government’s invitation for a meeting of the dialogue today.  The opposition says that the government has yet to establish a structured and sincere dialogue.
-Opposition will hold a peaceful march this Thursday, May 23, in Conakry.  The primary focus of the march will be a demand to get rid of the Waymark contract which the oppositions views as the primary tool for the government to conduct fraudulent legislative elections.  On Wednesday, May 22, the opposition will participate in a funeral procession for the six young people who lost their lives from state-sponsored violence during demonstrations.
-Alpha Conde granted release to some of the opposition political prisoners from jails who were scooped up by the hundreds by security personnel during opposition demonstrations.  This “gesture” appears to be part of a rumored “makeover” his international image consultants are giving him so that he appears like a kinder, more gentle head of state.
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