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Guinea: On May 22, the Opposition Will Bury Its Dead Victims of State-Sponsored Violence

May 19, 2013
Below is an announcement from the opposition regarding the funeral procession organized for Wednesday, May 22, to bury six opposition supporters murdered by state-sponsored forces during demonstrations.  The youngest of those killed is 14 years old.
Joint Statement by the Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP), the Collective of Political Parties for the Completion of Transition, The Republican Club (CDR) and the Front of Union for Democracy and Progress (FDP) 
The political parties, members of the Republican opposition, in agreement with the bereaved families, decided to hold next Wednesday, May 22, the funeral of six young people victims of violent forces during recent peaceful demonstrations by the opposition. To allow the opportunity for all to participate in this ceremony, the opposition has decided to postpone its information meeting and awareness session, originally scheduled for the same day in the town of Kaloum.  All parties — the ADP, the Collective , CDR and FDP — call their activists and supporters and all Guinean citizens who love justice, freedom and democracy to participate massively in the funeral to pay a final tribute to the illustrious dead: 
1 – Boubacar Diallo, 16 years
2 – Ousmane Barry, 14 
3 – Bella Thierno Sow, 22 years
4 – Lamarana Mamadou Diallo, 22 years 
5 – Korka Thierno Amadou Diallo, 21 years 
6 – Cherif Souleymane Diallo, 16 years
The funeral will take place according to the following program: – Receive bodies from the morgue at Donka Hospital at 13.00 – Prayer to the Great Mosque Faisal in 14h – Funeral procession to Bambeto (Common Ratoma) according to the following route: Donka – Dixinn – Roundabout Belle-vue – Roundabout Hamdallaye – Bambeto – Burial at Cemetery Bambeto. ADP and the Collective also invite the people of Guinea to the day of the funeral, Wednesday, May 22, 2013, a day of prayer and meditation for the rest of the souls of the six martyrs and all the other victims of political violence in Guinea. 
Conakry, May 17, 2013
 The Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP)
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