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Opposition Marches on Three Continents in One Week: Paris, New York, and Guinea

May 16, 2013


Last week, Guinea Oye posted an announcement about an opposition march which will take place in Paris on May 18. On Monday, May 20, there will be an opposition march in New York – details are below.  On May 22,  the opposition will march in Guinea followed by a nationwide march on May 23, and a nationwide strike day on May 24.  More information will be provided on this march as details become available.

New York Opposition March, May 20:  The Collective, the ADP, the CDR, and the Liberal Bloc

DATE: Lundi May 20, 2013

TIME:  Start at 10 am

Location: 39th. St in front of the Guinean Mission to the United Nations.

Then the UN headquarters .

Train: 4, 5, 6.7 and Metro North to 42nd St & Lexington Avenue Grand Central Station.

The message: 

  To defend the fundamental freedoms.

 To respect human rights

For the release of supporters arrested and detained without trial.

 For a frank and sincere political dialogue.

We say NO to:    Alpha Condé’s willingness to organize a sham election.

Men and women, citizens (nes) of Guinea, this is our fight, and it is in solidarity that we can honor those who have fallen under the dictatorship of Alpha Condé.

For infomation, contact:

646 307 5570; 646 240 6603: 347 223 7803; 718 708 9266; 347 828 2152; 347 255 4076; 917 569 7816; 646 837 2471; 347 260 7395

The Organizing Committee

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