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Gov’t. Ravages Guinean Neighborhoods: Conde’s “Urban Renewal” Plan – If You Can’t Kill the Opposition, Displace Them

May 14, 2013

Conakry was rocked over the weekend with demonstrations about water outages over the last 12 days.  The head of the water authority said the water should be back on by Thursday, May 16.  This is over two weeks without water.

Following are two articles: the first pertains to a military incursion into the opposition neighborhood yesterday of Hamdallaye, and the second concerns Conde’s remarks about the “ghettos of Bambeto and Cosa,” ground zero of the opposition, and the need to “re-vitalize them for public use.”

Conde cannot afford to have opposition marches continue with hundreds of thousands of opposition supporters pouring out of Conarky neighborhoods. Conde intends to “re-develop” these areas to displace opposition supporters in an attempt to weaken the opposition movement overall.  And, in an even more sinister move, the ultimate goal is to displace as many people as possible, in order to disenfranchise voters come election time.  Conde has done this before, during the 2010 election campaign, when he incited Malinkes, including soldiers in plain clothes, to attack Peuls in towns such as Siguri and Kourousso, just a few weeks before the 2010 presidential election, causing thousands to flee and unable to return home to cast a ballot.

Following are excerpts from a article about a military incursion on May 13 into Hamdallaye, a neighborhood of Conakry and a stronghold of the opposition.  Translated into English via Google with editing from Guinea Oye.e

manifestant_3On Monday, the army made a robust military descent into a neighborhood of Conakry, Hamdallaye which is  known to be a stronghold of the opposition. The punitive expedition took place near a school where, armed to the teeth, the military attacked women and children who inhabit surrounding homes, especially at this time of day.

The ostensible purpose of invading the neighborhood was to search for weapons, but it was really an excuse to loot while brutalizing by women and children.  This is yet another instance of Alpha Conde using violence to intimidate opposition neighborhoods.

A witness who was at the scene gave this account:: “descent of military into family homes and schools in Hamdallaye. Arrests and beatings. Tear gas dispersed into classrooms. Innocent students were arrested and brutalized. Families looked on helplessly at the devastation of their property including pots on the fire, which the military kicked over. Children are bewildered and bruised. This is extremely disgusting. “

 ormations Crédibles, Analyses Neutres et Responsables

Following are excerpts from an article on regarding Conde’s intention to “re-develop” Conakry ghettos.  Translated into English via Google with editing by Guinea Oye
On Saturday, May 4, in Conakry, Alpha Conde inaugurated a bridge in Taouyah and, during the ceremony, made some peculiar remarks that give a hint as to yet another way the government intends to repress and most likely disenfranchise those living in the neighborhoods of Bambeto and Cosa, ground zero of the opposition’s support.

He spoke of building infrastructure of general interest and has charged his Minister of Public Works to work on the concept. He also talks about what he calls the ghettos.

He begins with, “We offer our condolences to the bereaved families and our compassion for the wounded. Guinea is a country of peace, “ begins Alpha Conde.

He added that he will maintain peace in Guinea, “despite the attempts at destabilization” .

Conde said: “Many neighborhoods like Bambeto, Cosa are ghettos. We have a strong desire to turn them into viable areas, making roads, schools, maternity centers and playgrounds. “

“When young people live in a ghetto, what are the conditions of life that lead to violence,” he said.

We are not responsible for these ghettos,” he states in a bitter tone..

Ghettoïques these neighborhoods will be replaced. Owners will be “compensated,” promises Alpha Conde. We’ll see in the execution plan.

Where do we want to lead this country with such drift? How can we understand that the head of state indexes an entire area and calls “ghettos.” when the people who live there have their dead, their mutilated lives, wounded by gunfire and detained because of their political choices and, sometimes, for belonging to a community?

In the name of what justice and what purpose the civilian population of Bambeto Cosa-axis are they left to thank you from the horde of Donzo, a death squad and men license to kill as if this part of Guinea had suddenly become a lawless zone, a place in the middle of nowhere, a real Wild West where men wearing police or gendarme are celebrated (or promoted) every time they take the life of a target that is not of their opinions or their camp? Why all this in a Republic?

Diallo Alpha A.

Directeur de publication du journal Le Populaire



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