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Video: May 2 Guinea Opposition March, Includes Post-March Press Conf. by UFDG Prez Diallo – He’s Fired Up!

May 13, 2013

The first 46 minutes of this video shows the thousands upon thousands of people who participated in the May 2 opposition march, a bit obscured by the walls of tear gas set off by security forces.  In the remaining remaining part of the video, UFDG president Cellou Dalein Diallo gives a post-march press conference — he’s on a roll and fired up about the violence by security forces, Alpha Conde and plenty more.  This  is followed by a minute or two of a young man who was injured in the march and is getting stitches in his forehead — you may wish to skip this.  It ends with Diallo making a visit to present condolences to the family of Boubacar Diallo who was shot and killed in his neighborhood after the April 25 opposition march by government security forces.  He was just 16 years old.

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