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PARIS: Guineans March May 18 — “Guinea, We Mobilize for the Immediate Departure of Conde”

May 12, 2013


[Translated into English via Google, with editing by Guinea Oye. From]

“Guinea, we mobilize for the immediate departure of Conde”

The political opposition and the Guinean NGO Defense of Human Right in France calls on all Guineans Democrats and Republicans of France in Europe, the Friends of Guinea to mobilize.

This unprecedented mobilization will take place Saturday, May 18, 2013 in Paris from 14h to 18h (2-6 pm).

It will be at the Porte Dauphine Paris 16th ( Metro Line 2 – Station Porte Dauphine ) from 14h (2pm).

From 15h (3pm) , the procession will march on the route from the place de la Porte Dauphine Place du Trocadero ( Plaza of Human Rights ) Paris 16th ( Metro Line 6 and 9 – Station Trocadero ) past the Embassy of Guinea.

The speech will take place at the Place du Trocadero and mobilization will end at 18h (6pm).

The watchword is to officially claim:

– the departure of Conde for violating his oath by violating our constitution and laws of our republic and plundering of the national wealth of our country with his fascist and racketeering clan

-the opening of an international criminal investigation for its immediate translation into judgment of all military and civilian officials guilty of fifty crimes committed since 2011 by gunfire.

You are asked to respond to this mobilization which we believe to be the start of real change in Guinea.

This mobilization should be a priority for everyone, because it is our duty to stand up, to contribute to the establishment of a genuine rule of law based on republican values.

We must end the system that continues with us since 1958, it is our responsibility to remove all.

Conde came to power with the complicity of General Konate and a business network (Bernard Kouchner), it’s time to push the door back.

Come many date and time, thank you also to relay the message to their friends.

The Organizing Committee


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