Guinea’s Intifada: The Right to Resist a Repressive Regime (Video, May 2)

The following video may be the best thing Guinean security forces ever did for the people of Guinea.  The video was taken by forces as they attempted to make encroachments into Peul neighborhoods on the day of the last opposition march, May 2.  Several trucks and a hot water cannon truck struggle to get through burning barricades and an avalanche of rocks thrown by young kids and men.  The Peul neighborhoods were organized in their strategy and  the rock throwers  stood their ground making the security forces retreat more than once.

This film is a stunning bird’s eye view of young Guineans who have decided that security forces, often accompanied by Conde’s Malinke militias and Donzos, will not terrorize their neighborhoods any longer.   It is in these kind of operations that  Peuls have been murdered, women raped, ransacking and theft of valuables, and burning of homes and businesses.

Note to the international community:  This video shows clearly that this intifada is out of the bag.  You can’t stuff it back in.  And, if you continue to press the people of Guinea to stay in a dialogue process with their killers and force them to vote in fraudulent elections, well, more of this is on the way.  Please, no complaints about “violent” opposition supporters.  It is a clear case of  “no justice, no peace.”  Period.

The video has some sound problems and goes seemingly silent around the 19:00 minute mark for about five minutes.   You may need to adjust your speakers.  The video is about 41 minutes long and is followed by an unrelated video, tacked onto the end of this one and lasting about ten minutes, in which the sound is terrible.  


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