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Opposition March Scheduled for Thursday, May 9, is Post-Poned Due to International Community Pressure

May 8, 2013

[NOTE:  Apologies for the sparse amount of news posted to this site over the last week.  After fixing some computer problems, we plan to be back in full swing.]

Today, the opposition met with international dialogue facilitator, Said Djinnit, who made a last ditch effort to get the opposition to suspend its plans for a march tomorrow.  Evidently, Djinnit was able to make the case to the opposition that Alpha Conde was open to making concessions in a dialogue framework in a variety of areas including the most controversial, getting rid  of Waymark.  While the opposition knows not to trust Conde’s new-found conciliatory attitude, the opposition will have to determine how duplicitous the international community’s need is to keep  the opposition off the streets and  behind closed doors.  If the opposition intends to keep the confidence of the people of Guinea, it must withdraw from the talks at the first “whiff” of Alpha Conde and/or international community maneuvering.  In a dialogue framework, facilitators and the Conde government have significant control over the opposition.  When the opposition is in the streets, it has both facilitators and Conde off-kilter and, therefore, more leverage.

The dialogue facilitators issued the following press release posted on the site.  Translated into English via Google.

We facilitators of the Guinea dialogue:

Considering the joint statement dated 23 April 2013, by which the parties to the political process in Guinea, including the Government, the political parties of the opposition and the presidential majority, are committed to exercise restraint, to avoid any form of violence, and to peacefully resolve their differences;

 Taking into account the urgency to work together for political, inclusive, peaceful process, democratic and non-violent in the upcoming elections, we express our deep concern at the escalation of violence on the occasion of public events and the risk that such a situation is for peace, security and social cohesion;

Reiterate in a solemn manner that all parties concerned contribute to call an end to incidents of violence;

Encourage all forces of the nation including institutional managers, community leaders and religious authorities and the media, to work tirelessly to preserve peace and social cohesion, as well as return Guinea to a peaceful atmosphere;

Reiterate that dialogue is the only alternative to resolving political differences;

Reiterate our call to all signatories of the Declaration of nonviolence April 23 to scrupulously respect their engagement with parties;

Urge everyone in his case, to show responsibility and citizenship in order to preserve peace and social harmony;

Take this purpose for the parties to resume dialogue without delay, and come in a spirit of opening to find the necessary compromises to create a climate conducive to the holding of elections in a peaceful environment and under conditions of transparency requirements;

To help restore a climate of appeasement necessary to restore the dialogue, we call on all parties to refrain from any action in the coming days that bears the risk of hindering the momentum towards peace.

In this regard, we welcome the decision of the opposition to postpone the event, which was scheduled for this Thursday, May 9

Tomorrow, facilitators will undertake consultations with stakeholders to discuss ways and means for a return to dialogue as soon as possible.

Made in Conakry, May 8, 2013

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