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Opposition March Update 4-25: Plain- Clothed Police Infiltrate Crowd, Police Tear Gas March Cutting it in Half and Opposition Leaders Give Conde Hell in Speeches

April 25, 2013



According to, police presence in Bambeto was light as well as along the march route. Yet, as often is the case, there were provocations near Conde’s RPG party headquarters near Hamadallye. Several people were injured. The RPG announced earlier that it was closing its headquarters to make sure their supporters were not involved in skirmishes. Police set off tear gas into the opposition march, cutting it in half. It appears that marchers cut off from the front of the march had little choice but to turn around and go back home. When you see pictures of the rally, double the number of protesters.

This follows a scenario the government has used for the last couple of years during opposition marches – RPG supporters initiate an attack on opposition marchers, usually with stones, the security forces blame the disturbance on the opposition and respond by throwing tear gas into the march, resulting in the march being cut in half. says marchers are reporting that police in plain clothes have infiltrated the march. Now we know why the presence of uniformed police along the route is less than normal. Also:

“Despite the registered seat of the RPG arc-en-ciel clashes that saw a large number of activists have to turn back in a strong human tide expected at the opposition rally at the stage on September 28. The main opponents of the regime of President Alpha Condé in all sternly denounced the will of those in power to hold fraudulent elections, found

In front of thousands of activists, Aboubacar Sylla, spokesman for the opposition, argues that the government continues to organize “rigged elections, a real sham election.” That’s why he added, everyone must stand up and refuse “this sham election for our country.”

For its part, Boubacar Barry UNR, invited the president to behave like a Mandela as he had promised during his inauguration. Diallo, head of the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG), spoke about the youth engagement.“Young Bambeto reassured me, everyone is reassured that you do not fight for money, you fight for the establishment of democracy,” said Diallo. According to the former Prime Minister, it is the turn of a table that disputes including the choice of the operator can be solved. According to him, the event this Thursday has mobilized more than one million activists Before inviting Guinean citizens to mobilize, Diallo, predicted that “the next walk will be on the highway” Fidel Castro.”


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