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Palace Kumbayah: Guinea Gov’t. and Facilitators

April 24, 2013

Oh, my.  Said Djinnit arrives in Guinea on Monday and by Wednesday, he has Alpha Conde reading a statement saying stuff that good heads of state might say.  In the two pics below, they all look like they are going to the gallows, especially Conde.  

Stay tuned . . .

p. s., the title of article may be a bit optimistic, Conde said he would contact the Justice Minister to see about their release.

Conde decides to release political prisoners!

Posted on April 24, 2013

Alpha Conde




During an audience granted to the facilitator in the Guinean crisis, the Head of State reaffirmed its commitment to hold free elections, transparent and credible.

Before Djinnit, the facilitator designated by the United Nations, Alpha Condé has invited all political actors to turn back to the table to discuss in order to find solutions to disputes between them. The President of the Republic, in his statement, stated his intention to release political prisoners.

“In a spirit of respect and calm, I will give instructions to the minister of Justice to investigate the case of persons arrested for their release,” said the Head of State.

“For me, in my capacity as head of state, guarantor of institutions, I will ensure that everything is implemented with the support of international partners to ensure the transparency and reliability of the electoral process. In this regard, I reiterate that all support measures that are deemed necessary to ensure the security of the process will be implemented, “he adds. “I hope that these elections take place in a peaceful environment, and I invite all stakeholders to join the dialogue table under the aegis of the Prime Minister with the help of facilitators, representing the opposition, the movement and the United Nations United “has it engaged. He ended his speech by thanking Djinnit and “our brothers facilitators” for their availability.

In response, the international facilitator, Djinnit has welcomed the signing by the government and political parties of the opposition and the presidential party, the declaration on non-violence. “We also welcome the declaration just made ​​by the President of the Republic, Head of State, in which he takes important commitments related to the electoral process, which is likely, we sincerely hope to create a atmosphere more conducive to cooperation and dialogue, “he says.

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