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Opposition Agrees to Gov. Resco Camara’s Request to Change Route of Tomorrow’s March: Danger Factor Increases

April 24, 2013

When the opposition confirmed its intent to march this week Thursday, April 25, it also identified the route as well – from the Gbessia airport roundabout to the esplanade at the People’s Palace. Two days ago, Gov. Sekou “Resco” Camara asked the option to change the route to Bembeto to the September 28 stadium. The opposition has just agreed to this change.

Gov. Camara asked the opposition to change its route for its march last week on April 18 as well. Their planned route was the same initial route planned for tomorrow, Gbessia roundabout to the esplanade at the People’s Palace. The opposition informed Camara that they could not make a change in the route so near the start of the march. You may have seen pictures where security forces brutally repressed opposition supporters at the roundabout and lobbed dangerous amounts of tear gas into the middle of the march, something that could easily cause a stampede. Also, security forces brutally apprehended and arrested , without cause, two opposition leaders Aboubacar Sylla and Pascal Tolno. Click here to see a short video of security forces dragging them from their vehicle and viciously manhandling them. They were beat up on the way to the police station and at the station as well. They were released later in the day.

Two things are important to keep in mind about tomorrow’s march. The new route starts in Bembeto, the opposition’s primary stronghold in Conakry, which is densely populated and includes a high percentage of Peuls. Wherever there are marchers, security forces will be there. This places a high number of security forces in Bembeto. Most opposition marches over the last few years, including the most recent one on February 27, have been characterized by security forces, Donzos and RPG militias pursuing marchers back to their home neighborhoods, terrorizing and committing violence against entire neighborhoods. The second concern about tomorrow’s march is that it is Gov. Camara who requested the route change. Shortly after the terrible state-sponsored violence which ensued after the February 27 march in opposition neighborhoods, the opposition announced that there were four people responsible for funding it – Gov. Camara is one of them. And, this fox is sitting right on top of the chicken coop.

Stay tuned . . .

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