Guinea Update: Rebellion in the Electoral Commission (CENI) an Opposition March Moved to Thurs., 4-25

Several commissioners of the CENI have joined together to issue the following declaration which gives a bird’s eye view of a CENI that is doing only one thing – taking care of Alpha Conde and his fraudulent legislative elections. The commissioners write, in disgust, about Chairman Bakary Fofana and a small group who are determined to take the people of Guinea to an election where their vote will be no good. The commissioners threaten to suspend their activities, if their concerns are not addressed.

Declaration of INEC commissioners: “If this call remain unanswered, suspending our participation in all activities of INEC to restore balance and strict compliance with the law”

[Translated into English via Google, with editing by Guinea Oye!]

Published on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 5:19 p.m.
Written by Barrie K

It is with surprise and deep concern that we have listened to the broadcast on the RTG, regardin the Decree of the President of the Republic, to convene the electorate for the election of June 30, 2013.

This date, supported by the President of the CENI and his group, has never been the result of a timeline developed and proposed by all the commissioners of CENI or of any decision from a regular plenary session in our institution.
The other drift we see in the governance of the CENI, joins several other shortcomings that make the organization by the CENI, of credible, inclusive, transparent and fair elections, whose results will be accepted by all players, now seems highly unlikely because of unilateral decisions taken by the CENI Chairman alone and his small group of facts which are customary.


So we have decided that successively:
– The timing of setting the date of May 12, 2013 initially for the election was done at night and published without consensus of the members of CENI;
– Sabary Technology Way and Mark are chosen as technical operators without the advice of all the Commissioners;
– The transfer of biometric data servers to servers SAGEM Way Mark is done without the knowledge of statutory, technical partners and political parties;
– The pre-viewing is done outside the consensus within the CENI and was launched when the commissioners were on a mission;
– Meetings of the Board of CENI are blocked for two months
– The timing of the announcement by the President of the Republic to call voters on June 30, 2013 is done without consultation;
– The subterfuges include counting “”present” at plenary meetings as a confirmation of a vote of Commissioners on issued issues barely touched upon.


-The resumption of revision of electoral rolls for Tuesday, 15. April 2013 is a unilateral decision of the President of the CENI his little group and their sponsors.
– On the other hand, holding board meetings and plenary are not consistent either in form or in substance to the requirements of the rules approved by the Supreme Court. Moreover, for almost two months no board meeting was convened by the President and plenary meetings are rare and when they do they are convened without agendas and agendas are distributed just minutes before the opening of the session. Limited informal meetings of a small group of Commissioners are held all day long.
– Abusing the CENI appears to be the real vocation of the Chairman, his small group and their sponsors:
-The expertise required to support the CENI is fully committed to helping stubbornly a number of Commissioners to curb the positive evolution of the shares of the CENI.
-And the judgment of the revision of electoral rolls 14 March 2013 seemed to contribute to the healing necessary to promote the necessary dialogue between political actors and thus reach a consensus likely to complete a mutually beneficial dialogue to all parties in question.
Unfortunately, what we have highlighted above concerning the CENI indicates a malfunction. It moves inexorably towards the implementation of a non-inclusive and unfair process that can interfere dangerously with peace and tranquility of the nation. As an electoral management body and as commissioners we have sworn to ensure that we at all times and in all places that all competitors of the electoral game are treated fairly and within a collaborative approach.
Faced with this incomprehensible exclusion of stakeholders in the electoral process, we appeal to the sense of duty and respect for the oath taken by all the Commissioners to lead the institution to play its proper role as a neutral and impartial arbiter able to bring together all stakeholders involved in its work.


Should this call remain unanswered, we are entitled to consider suspending our participation in all activities of CENI to restore balance and strict compliance with the laws within the institution.


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