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Just to Put a Cherry on Top of Conde’s Rogue State: Video of Arrests of Opposition Leaders Aboubacar Sylla and Pascal Tolno During April 18 March

April 22, 2013

Within the last few days, Guinea Oye posted accounts by Sylla and Tolno of their brutal arrests during the opposition march on April 18. Sylla mentioned that there may have been journalists nearby who caught the assault on video. Indeed, they did. It’s only 30 seconds long, but shows clearly that Sylla and Tolno were treated brutally. After being ripped from their vehicle and perp-walked to a police truck, they were beaten on the way to the police station and again at the station. The head of the police station gave an interview yesterday denying the accounts given by Sylla and Tolno.

Make sure you catch the video from the very beginning so as not to miss the cop who raises a basketball-sized rock over his head and lobs it violently into their vehicle. Conde’s “not so finest!”

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