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Guinea March Update: After His Release from Jail this Afternoon, Opposition Leader Tolno Gives First Hand Account: “They Have Beaten Us in a Very Barbaric Manner”

April 18, 2013


Translated into English via Google with editing by Guinea Oye

“They have beaten us in a very barbaric manner.”-– Opposition leader, Pascal Tolno.

Charles Pascal Tolno, leader of the opposition party – PGG who was arrested without cause at opposition march today in Conakry.


posted April 18, 2013 to 14h3

Shortly after his release from the Directorate of Judicial Police (DPJ), Dean Charles Pascal Tolno returned home. Breathless still from the experience, the Dean of the opposition would not soon forget what happened on Thursday, April 18, 2013. Especially when the procession of protesters, prevented from continuing on Highway Fidel Castro wanted to take the ramp that connects to Hamdallaye:

“They attacked our vehicle — I do not know what happened with the other vehicles. However, they attacked our vehicle. I was with Aboubacar Sylla, spokesman for the opposition and other young executives of the opposition. In total, there were five (5) persons in the vehicle. They beat the body guard and driver, they broke all the windows of the car and warped doors . They abused us in a very brutal way when they extracted us from the car. They took me by the head and feet. They took everything we had in our pockets. money, my phone . They took everything and they left! .”

And, the identity of their “attackers?”  Mr. Tolno did not hesitate in his response: “These are POLICE OFFICERS … who know us very well and who insulted us by speaking in ways we could not have imagined.”

“During our transport to the police station, the police in the van with us were violent. One of them gave me a shot. Once Inside the police station, the CMIS, I received a blow to the chest and was injured, all in view of, and with the knowledge of, the Colonel … “.

“When we were transferred to the Directorate of Judicial Police (DPJ), as soon as we saw the Guinean minister for Human Rights, Gassama Diaby, the tune of the police changed saying that we had not suffered violence. It was Mr. Diaby who got us released.

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