Guinea Interview: Cellou Dalein Diallo, UFDG Prez, Says “No” to Opposition Return to Dialogue


(In hospital, after being attacked during the September 28, 2009, massacre, Diallo was just one of many opposition leaders injured at the stadium, where a peaceful opposition rally was in progress. That day, at the hands of the Guinean military, security services and mercenaries from Liberia, 200 people were killed, 1,200 were injured and at least 100 women were brutally raped.  Most of the victims were ethnically-targeted as the killers asked about their ethnicity before attacking them.  Let no one tell you that things in Guinea are better now — Alpha Conde’s penchant for ethnocentric politics demonstrates an appetite for conducting such horrors.)

Today, Africaguinee published an interview (in French) with Cellou Dalein Diallo , president of the UFDG opposition party, concerning the unilateral announcement by Alpha Conde, over the weekend, to set June 30 as the date for legislative elections.

A few highlights from the interview:

-The opposition will not return to dialogue talks with the government. The opposition firmly believes that Conde has no intention of pursuing honest dialogue talks with them.

-Diallo says that the CENI was not apprised beforehand of Conde’s selection of the June 30 date for elections.

-The opposition will continue its fight for free, fair, transparent, and inclusive elections.

-When asked whether the international community supports the opposition’s claims, Diallo responded by saying there is no reason for the international community to not support “our legal and legitimate claims.”

[In the end, the Guinean opposition is going to have to be as tough with the international community as it is with Conde and must put its representatives on the spot with the following question: “Would you go to an election in your own country that is as marred by fraud, illegality, and bad faith as Guinea’s legislative elections? — Guinea Oye]


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