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After Conde’s Unilateral Election Date Decision, the Opposition Hits the Streets this Thurs., April 18

April 14, 2013


In light of Alpha Conde’s unilateral decision to set June 30 as the date for legislative elections and just about every trick Conde and members of his administration have pulled in the last two years, the opposition will return to the streets, Thursday, April 18.

An article from Guinee 58 follows.

Election of June 30, the opposition withdraws its representatives from the CENI and will occupy the streets on Thursday, April 18. It is boiling hot!!!

Article excerpts translated into English via Google with editing by Guinea Oye:

Faced with the challenge of the Head of State, who has unilaterally set the date of June 30 elections, the opposition response was not long in coming. The main leaders of the Collective, ADP and met CDR emergency in the day at the headquarters of UFDG to decide the appropriate response.

At the end of the meeting, it was announced by the spokesperson of the opposition, Aboubacar Sylla (UFC) that the opposition will resume street protests to force the head of state to hear the demands of the people . These claims revolve around two main points: the withdrawal of the operator Waymark which conducts the technical management of elections and allowing those in the Guineans diaspora to vote in legislative elections.

The other decision announced by Mr. Sylla concerns the withdrawal of opposition representatives from the electoral commission, the CENI. Members of the opposition, the Collective, ADP and CDR serving on the CENI were asked to pack up and join the staff of their respective parties. Maybe they will be more effective. In any case we hope. This decision was made because the opposition will not endorse a sham election that Mr. Alpha Condé cleverly concocted.

The next few weeks in Guinea are likely to be strained, as citizens exist in an explosive political and social atmosphere. The opposition plans to occupy the streets beginning on Thursday. The power seems to sit on his laurels. There is electricity in the air. As long as the people do not fall victim.

Moucky S. Diallo,

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  1. Ibrahim permalink
    April 14, 2013 7:58 PM

    To me, hitting the streets is not enough now, the Guinean opposition backed by their militants must challenge the International community, mainly represented in Guinea by the UE and the USA. They are willing to condone electoral frauds as long as they can do business peacefully in the country. The problem is that the US and the EU are once again mistaken. Without free and fair elections (the same way in the US and in the EU) there will be only social unrest ; therefore no good business for them and more mayhem that will cost much more to the international community.
    Free and fair election should be universal and a Human rights! The US and the EU representatives behave in Guinea as though it is not important in Guinea the way elections are held. Why? Has the lobbying of some former British PM and a famous American tycoon something to do with that peculiar attitude? However, we must admit the opposition too lacks political know-how.

    • April 14, 2013 11:11 PM

      THANK YOU, for the comment. You are so right. Guinea Oye will soon post a piece about how the opposition needs to change its strategy and rhetoric, especially as it pertains to the international community.

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