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Opposition Returns to the Viper’s Nest of the Rogue State of Guinea–April 8 March is Cancelled

April 6, 2013


As a general rule, cooperation with a rogue state specifically, participation in dialogue with a rogue state, should be avoided at all costs. Conde’s regime is a viper’s nest of illegality, shamelessness, and violence and Guinean politicians, who purport to work on behalf of the people, should have disengaged from the Conde regime long ago.

Below is a declaration from the opposition explaining that the April 8 march was planned because of the government’s refusal to respect agreements made in dialogue meetings. Then it says the march is off because the government has agreed to meet “most” of the pre-requisites set forth by the opposition and that there will be an acceleration of the proceedings for the release of over 119 opposition supporters arrested without cause on February 27. At the end of the declaration, it adds that another consideration in cancelling the march and returning to the dialogue table is the involvement of Guinea’s social movement.  More on this in a minute.

To be as truly confounded as others are concerning the opposition’s about-face, recall the last straw that sent the opposition screaming out of Sekoutoureya Palace last week.

In its determination to betray the opposition and to hoodwink, with unabashed chutzpah, the most senior UN official in West Africa, Said Djinnit, Conde’s PM, Said Fofana (with an assist of at least two Rasputins lurking around the edges of the dialogue), sent a letter to Djinnit to tell him that “all parties” agreed that General Lamine Cisse, a name the government had floated publicly already, was the choice for international facilitator. Djinnit wrote back saying that given the approval of “all parties,” he concurred in the choice of Cisse. It sounded nice and tidy, but the actions of the government violated its agreement with the opposition that the government would send a letter to the UN or ECOWAS asking one of these organizations to select someone from their organization to serve as the international facilitator. In fact, the government never asked the opposition to approve Cisse, which they wouldn’t have done, but that is academic now. General Cisse has just withdrawn from the international facilitator function, something he had to do because Fofana has written a new letter to the international community, through the UN, asking for a facilitator to be appointed. Unless he and the Rasputins decided to pull another fast one, a new international facilitator should be announced early next week. reported earlier today, in a related development, that Guinea’s National Transition Council, known by its French acronym, CNT, weighed in on Guinea’s political impasse which may be the reason the opposition indicated that a reason for its return to dialogue is that Guinea’s social movement is solidly focused on the political situation. CNT president and Conde rubber stamper, Rabiatou Diallo, cautioned both the government and the opposition not to do anything that would lead to a serious disruption in the country. In addition, Diallo announced that the CNT is establishing a “monitoring” committee to ensure that no provocative action is taken in the social, economic, and political sectors which would lead to a nationwide fissure. Wow! Alpha Conde doesn’t even have this power, but through his rubber stamper, he will be pulling some levers.

This new turn of events means that one of two things has taken place in Guinea. Either the international community has signaled the opposition to swallow their pride and good sense and stay at the negotiating table because they are sending in the cavalry soon to save the day, or, a replay of the day after Conde stole the 2010 presidential election, when interim president, Sekouba Konate, called the rightful winner, Cellou Dalein Diallo, and told him that the city was filled with anti-Peul militias and if he and his supporters contested the results, Conakry would turn into a bloodbath.

But, the most critical thing at this moment is to find out what kind of Kool-Aid is being served at the Palace during dialogue meetings. The future of the country may depend on it.



In a statement received by our editorial Guinean opposition is back on the reason for the delay of the event she had planned on Monday. Read the full statement:

“The Guinean opposition had planned a peaceful march for Monday, April 8, 2013 followed by a dead city strike the next day due to the government’s refusal to respect the agreements reached around pre-national political dialogue.

After four days of discussions, the Government has finally agreed to meet most of the following prerequisites required to open a direct dialogue with the opposition and structured:

– The establishment of a framework for dialogue consists of small power, opposition and a three facilitators appointed by the Government, the opposition and the international community;

– The call for an international facilitator on the basis of a request already addressed this Friday 05 April, the Government of the Secretary General of the United Nations;

– The actual freezing of the activities of INEC formalized by a regulatory act which compliance will be strictly monitored;

– The acceleration of the proceedings leading to the release, in a short time, people detained for their participation in peaceful march on February 27;

Because of these advances and also taking into account the involvement of the social movement in Guinea resolve the current political crisis, the opposition decided to postpone its peaceful march and day city life of 08 and 09 April. She asks the people of Guinea quietly go about its business these days, but still mobilized to respond favorably to any possible appeal further.

The opposition seized the opportunity to confirm to the national and international community its willingness to actively participate in any dialogue serene, sincere and constructive whose objective is to find a consensual way, solutions to the current political, economic and social that our country.
Conakry, April 5, 2013

The Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP)
The Collective Political Parties for Completing the Transition
The Republican Club (CDR)
The United Front for Democracy and Progress (PDF)

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  1. Ibrahim permalink
    April 6, 2013 8:33 PM

    Anyone who does not know yet Alifa Condé should watch on the RTG (Guinean TV) the so-called trial on his “self-attack” on July 19, 2011. That looks like a political plot engineered in order to crush the opposition.
    The USA and the EU should watch closer and analyze the facts and think if they want to support such a regime capable of self-inflicted attack for a political ploy against the opposition. The awkward aim was to silence definitely the opposition and set a dictatorship.

    • April 7, 2013 10:08 AM

      You are so right! If you watch the RTG coverage of Conde’s “self-attack,” it reveals all: a rogue state with ethnocentrism at its core. The backdrop is that Conde will cause any and all manner of chaos to achieve his aims. As you have recommended, the US and EU would be well-advised to watch the proceedings of this kangaroo court.

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