Guinea Update 4-4: Lawyers File to Send Conde to ICC for Crimes Against Humanity, Conde Denies Dadis Camara Return to Bury Mother, Former Conde Supporter Tells All (VIDEO-FR), and Telliano Badgered in Court

French attorneys file complaint against Alpha Conde to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity

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A group of Guineans have obtained the services of two French lawyers of the Paris Bar to file a complaint against Alpha Conde for crimes against humanity associated with brutal repression during and after the February 27, 2013 opposition march.

The lawyers are Houcine Bardi and Damien Ayrole and in their complaint they say:

“Facts of crimes against humanity following the brutal repression that has befallen the population at peaceful demonstrations in February 2013, which caused many casualties among the civilian population.”

Here is a link to the document filed (in Frnech) by the attorneys, Plainte contre Alpha Condé au TPI


Alpha Conde Bars Guinea’s Military Junta Leader from Attending His Mother’s Funeral in Guinea

From (translated via Google with editing by Guinea Oye)

Thursday, April 4, 2013 5:27

dadis_ouaga It is a real thunderbolt that has descended on the sages of the coordination of the forest for several days leading negotiations for the presence of Captain Dadis Camara at the funeral of his mother whose death was announced yesterday after afternoon.

We told you in our previous editions that the mother of the former strongman of the CNDD died at the age of 103 years. When Camara expressed his desire to attend the funeral, the people of the Forecst spared no effort. People were appointed to approach Alpha Conde about granting Camara entrance into Guinea so he could bury his mother, hoping, that due to the circumstances, Conde would grant the trip.

“Rather, we ran up against a wall. He told us that the presence of Dadis Camara would cause public disorder “reveals this group. “This is unacceptable to prevent someone in this case, Dadis Camara, to attend the funeral of his mother.” The Professor Alpha Condé, is he afraid of the unwavering popularity for Camara that can be found in military garrisons?

Other sources reported the involvement of several heads of states of the subregion who pleaded the cause of Captain Dadis Camara so he could accompany his mother to her final resting place. But until we dispatch this line, the position of President Alpha Conde has not changed one iota. From the beginning, his answer was always “no” and it has not changed.

Of this refusal, President Alpha Condé shows his contempt of Guineans. This illustrates once again that his word is based only on the wind and we should not trust him.

To be continued …

Aly Soumah , Conakry

Former Supporter of Alpha Conde’s Tells All

From (translate via Google with editing by Guinea Oye)

Repentance of a former militant Alpha Conde

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 7:42 p.m.

alpha_kourouma Rare enough are those to be noted as Conde supporters are experts in the art of disguising the truth. Mr. Alpha Kourouma delivers a poignant frightening look at life in the RPG. Mr. Kourouma is a former supporter of Alpha Condé who is disillusioned like thousands of Guineans. He owns his past and proudly claims rallying to the opposition.

Without jargon, Mr. Kourouma describes the dictatorial regime of Alpha Condé. In crude terms, he portrayed the character of tribal politics Alpha Condé. He tells very informative stories about the shameful practices of Conde’s administration, including appointment to positions based on ethnicity in Conakry. According to Mr. Kourouma, Guineans are dismissed from the administration because of their ethnicity and others are recruited because they are of President Alpha Condé’s ethnic group, Malinke. He witnessed the dismissals of young Soussous and Peulhs to allow the recruitment of young Malinkés.

Driven by his patriotic conscience, Mr. Kourouma eventually resigned for not endorsing the dictatorship of Alpha Condé.

Alpha Kourouma urged Guineans to refuse the division and the instrumentalization of ethnicity.

Below is a video of his statement (in French):

Jean Marc Telliano’s “Theatre of the Absurd” Day in Court

Based on article

Telliano appeared in court on Tuesday morning and two leaders of the opposition were there to support him, Cellou Dalein Diallo and Mouctar Diallo. Some opposition supporters gathered outside the court, but security dispersed them. Telliano was charged with “insulting the president,” something that after two years with Alpha Conde as president, well over half the population could be charged with.

In case “insulting the president” didn’t carry enough weight to get him locked up an embezzlement charge was thrown in.

You may recall that Telliano made statements at the February 27 opposition march that cut a little too close to the bone for Conde. Telliano said he would like Conde to show the graves of his parents in Guinea, but knows he can’t because his parents are of burkinabe and senegalo-malienne origin. What he was referring to is that Conde has little tie to Guinea or its people because of his parents origins. And there is the fact that Conde spent 59 years in France.

After the trial Cellou Diallo shared his impressions:

We came to show our solidarity with Jean Marc Telliano . Nobody denies that the President of the Republic of Guinean is a citizen with all the rights. He was elected as a Guinean citizen, but everyone knows that he has origins in Burkina Faso. This is not an insult, it’s not an insult, it is a reality and no part of it taints his honor or dignity “

“So, on this basis, we can not call, try and convict Jean Marc Telliano. It is in the context of a political rally he recalled these facts, which are facts and do not constitute any breach of honor or dignity of any person.”

Telliano’s lawyer said that he was questioned for hours at the court in Mafanco and that he was supposed to return today for more.


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