Guinea Update 4-2: Sidya Toure Meets with Conde, CENI Plans to Announce New Date for Legislative Elections, and PM Said Fofana Asks for Meeting with Opposition to Revive Dialogue!

Conde Met with Sidya Toure Yesterday

As you know from previous reports, Cellou Dalein Diallo and Lansana Kouyate met separately with Alpha Conde late last week and over the weekend. Yesterday, it was Sidya Toure’s turn. Afterwards, Toure said discussion focused on holding elections and the revision of the electoral roll which is already underway. Actually, it is not a revision of the rolls, instead the CENI is conducting a census which carries far more significant political implications. As is customary with CENI’s stealth operations, the census idea has been a point of contention primarily because the opposition has never had a formal opportunity to weigh in on the concept.

CENI Plans to Announce New Date for Legislative Elections

Today or tomorrow, the CENI will announce that June 19 is the new date for the legislative elections. This is a mere six weeks later than the original date of May 12. May 12 was considered too early to hold elections given that the country is in political shambles and the government wanted to establish a dialogue with the opposition. That worked well, didn’t it?

Prime Minister Said Fofana Invites Opposition to Resume the Dialogue – Say What?

According to Prime Minister Fofana asked the opposition to meet with him sometime today to discuss the possibility of resuming the dialogue talks. During the meeting, Fofana is expected to raise the issue of the planned opposition march for April 8 and make a move to prevent it.



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