Guinea Update 3-31: UN Victim of Gov’t. “Bait and Switch” re: Facilitator, Diallo Meets with Conde, Rumored Kouyate Meeting with Conde, Opposition Will Accompany Telliano to Court, and March Date Changed to April 8

UN Endorses Govt.’s Pick for International Facilitator

If you want a good example of how treacherous Conde’s government can be, here is a classic case.

During the government-opposition talks about a framework for the political dialogue, the topic of facilitators was debated. In the end both groups agreed to the following: the government and the opposition would have one facilitator each and the government would ask the UN or ECOWAS to name an international facilitator. Since then, the opposition did as it was supposed to by naming a facilitator. The government named TWO facilitators, one primary facilitator and one co-facilitator. In addition, the government floated publicly the name of General Lamine Cisse, of Senegal, for international facilitator. Cisse is in Guinea under UN auspices working on reform of the Guinean army. The government never discussed with the opposition the merits of having Gen. Cisse serve as the international facilitator.`The opposition reminded the government that they had agreed that the choice of an individual to be the international facilitator was the UN’s decision to make.

Yesterday, a letter from Said Djinnit, Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in West Africa, to Guinean PM Fofana arrived saying:

“I have taken note that all parties have agreed on the appointment of General Lamine Cissé as a member of the team facilitator as the international community. Given the agreement of all parties, I am pleased to inform you that the United Nations to accept Mr. Lamine Cissé, currently practicing as a consultant to the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP), available to the dialogue process Guinean international facilitator.

“. . . all parties have agreed . . .” ?  Say what?  Fofana wrote the UN, as he was supposed t do,but rather than asking for the UN to make a selection, Fofana told Djinnit that all parties were on board concerning Cisse.  Of course, this is a bald-faced lie, but now that Djinnit has committed himself on paper, it’s a fait accompli. This is yet another reason to run as far as possible from the government dialogue and its swindlers.

The irony here is that Said Djinnit is a very sharp cookie, especially when it comes to Guinea. Throughout the 2010 presidential campaign and election, he had more insight into the election fraud as well as attacks on ethnic Peuls than any other diplomat. In fact, Said Djinnit would have been a very good international facilitator. Because of Djinnit’s savvy,I t is surprising he didn’t contact opposition leaders to confirm their agreement with the choice of Gen. Cisse.

Cellou Diallo – Alpha Conde Meeting

Guinean websites are reporting that there was a meeting last week between Cellou Diallo and Alpha Conde along the sidelines of a summit conference in Nouakchott, Mauritainia. It was Senegalese president, Macky Sall, who brought the two together. Diallo said he agreed to the meeting because, at that time, the opposition was still engaged in talks with the government regarding the dialogue. Diallo said he reiterated his primary demands that the Waymark contract be tossed out and replaced with one that can guarantee transparency and that Guineans abroad should be able to vote in legislative elections. Conde reaffirmed his disagreement with both of these. One can only assume this was a very short meeting (

Lansana Kouyate Meeting with Alpha Conde?

Reports are flying around Conakry that opposition leader, Lansana Kouyate, met with Alpha Conde earlier today. Kouyate and Conde have known each other for years. During the 2010 presidential election campaign, Kouyate broke ranks from Conde. Since then, they have been estranged. We will have to wait to see the true significance of the meeting.

Opposition to support Telliano at court appearance next week

At a press conference this past Friday, the opposition announced that opposition leaders and their supporters will accompany Jean Marc Telliano to a court appearance scheduled for Tuesday, April 2. If you recall, Telliano is charged with slander because of remarks he made about Alpha Conde at a rally during the February 27 march.

Many believe that the judges will postpone Telliano’s appearance on Tuesday in order to avoid a massive opposition presence outside the courthouse.

Opposition March Will Be Held on April 8

The march originally scheduled for April 4 has been changed to April 8. According to the opposition, this will be the first of a series of events it has planned over the coming weeks.


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