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Guinea Opposition Demo, April 4: No More Negotiations, No More Appeals, Time to Present Conde’s Gov’t. for What It is — a Rogue State

March 30, 2013


The opposition announced yesterday that it will hold a march on April 4 and another march the following week.

The Guinean opposition extracted itself successfully from the viper’s nest, otherwise known as “the dialogue.” Now, it must return to the street because there is nowhere else to go and, in spite of those who think otherwise, the street is where the opposition must be and stay. With the opposition’s ability to present hundreds of thousands of people in the streets in Conakry, it delivers the most compelling message of all — Alpha Conde does not have the support of the majority of Guineans and never has.

Sitting at the presidential palace in dialogue meetings between good cop, Prime Minister Said Fofana ; bad cop, Ousmane Bah; and super bad cop, Alhassane Conde, the opposition knew all along it would have to walk out. Now that it has, its rhetoric and strategy must change. No more negotiations and no more appeals for the government to comply with national law and the constitution. It must declare Conde’s government a rogue regime and Guinea a rogue state. And, the opposition must bring those countries which support Conde into his circle of culpability and apply pressure to them.

More on this later . . .

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