Alpha Conde: Stealing Elections and the Guinean People’s Money in a Jaw-Dropping 90-Page Investigative Report (EN-FR)

Further below are links to both English and French versions of a report from the website Guinee 58 which, in meticulous fashion, documents the broad conspiracy mounted by Alpha Conde and his international backers to steal the 2010 presidential election. In addition, he uses his presidency to steal amazing amounts of the people’s money to repay backers and to increase his own wealth enormously.

Most of his backers are from outside Guinea, but were it not for the backing of General Sekouba Konate, Conde would not have succeeded in his quest for the presidency. During the campaign and the election, Konate, served as Guinea’s transitional president, and was the only person capable of moving all the necessary levers to keep Conde’s opponent, Cellou Dalein Diallo, and his UFDG party, in check. For his efforts, Konate received several millions of dollars which Conde acquired from his backers. Konate is as complicit as Conde in stealing the people’s right to a free and fair election.


Mafia networks Alpha Conde exposed by a very rich report

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 9:53

How the President Conde took power in Guinea, bears the mark of a Machiavellian plan preconceived set execution once the presidential elections were in sight.

To win the presidential elections from a meager score of 18.3% of the overall vote in the first round, there was a need to: monitor the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) gain the support of outgoing President and the Chief state – Staff of the armed forces, and build an alliance with a foreign power in Africa that could support financially and technically to gauge the process.

This is exactly what Alpha Condé, with the help of his son Mohammed and his guard, Aboubacar Sampil made ​​before the 2010 presidential elections. In addition, Alpha Condé has created his regime with financial and technological support of politicians and intelligence people in South Africa, with the help of the interior of the Electoral Commission (CENI) and with the support of President outgoing transitional government, Sekouba Konate. Since he took the reins of government in December 2010, President Conde and his son Mohamed and several of their close associates have been involved in many political and economic scandals, some are related to the desire of the President to allow those who helped him get elected to take a turn and others are designed to feed his personal wealth.

We invite you to read the full report:



Les réseaux mafieux d’Alpha Condé mis à nu par un rapport très riche

Mercredi, 27 Mars 2013 09:53

La manière dont le président Condé a pris le pouvoir en Guinée, porte la marque d’un plan machiavélique préconçu mis en exécution une fois les élections présidentielles étaient en vue.

Pour gagner les élections présidentielles à partir d’un maigre score de 18,3% du vote général au premier tour, il y a eu nécessité de : contrôler la Commission électorale nationale indépendante (CENI); acquérir le soutien du président sortant et le chef d’état-major des forces armées, et de construire une alliance avec un gouvernement étranger puissant en Afrique qui pouvait le soutenir financièrement et techniquement afin de jauger le processus.

C’est exactement ce que Alpha Condé, avec l’aide de son fils Mohamed et de son protège, Aboubacar Sampil, ont fait, avant les élections présidentielles de 2010. En outre, Alpha Condé a créé son régime avec l’aide financière et technologique de politiciens et d’individus du renseignement en Afrique du Sud, avec l’aide de l’intérieur de la Commission Electorale (CENI) et avec le soutien du président sortant du gouvernement de transition, Sekouba Konate. Depuis qu’il a pris les rênes du gouvernement en Décembre 2010, Condé le président, et son fils Mohamed ainsi que plusieurs de leurs proches collaborateurs, ont été Impliques dans maints scandales politiques et économiques, certains sont lies au désir du président de permettre à ceux qui l’ont aidé à se faire élire d’en profiter a leur tour et d’autres visent à nourrir sa richesse personnelle.

Nous vous invitons à lire l’intégralité du rapport :

La version française


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