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Guinea Gov’t. Sabotages Talks, Opposition Withdraws– Senegalese Pres. Macky Sall Involved in Mediation?

March 26, 2013

Alpha Conde asked Prime Minister Said Fofana to be in charge of the process for developing a framework for a government-opposition dialogue a few weeks ago. After bad-mouthing PM Fofana’s leadership, Alhassane Conde, the Minister of Administration and Territorial Development intervened in the discussion last Friday and, like a one-man wrecking crew, dismantled agreements already established between the government and the opposition. While there are many reasons why the opposition should not get involved in a dialogue with the Alpha Conde regime, Alhassane Conde running the show would certainly be number one on the list. Alhassane Conde’s is to play the saboteur.

Last Friday, Alhassane Conde , in a very sophomoric manner, called a meeting of the “political class” but arranged for the invitations to the opposition representatives to be delivered late, making it unlikely the opposition would attend. It had the intended effect – the opposition declined to participate. Alhassane Conde violated one of the first agreements the government made in the dialogue which was that it promised, in its negotiations with the opposition, it would not allow any representatives from other parties to participate. The opposition made this a condition of their participation because, as in the past, when issues specific to the government and the opposition are discussed, the government is notorious for bringing in non-opposition parties which results in issues being tabled for future meetings or dismissed altogether.

Last Thursday the opposition informed the government that it selected a mediator, Salifou Sylla, who is a member of the National Transition Council and a former minister. Previously, the government and the opposition agreed to select one facilitator each and one facilitator from the international community. The government agreed to send a letter to solicit a facilitator from either the UN or ECOWAS.

On Monday, Alhassane Conde announced the government had selected “two” facilitators,” Mr. Ghouréssy Condé and a “co-faciltator,” Aboubacar Sompare.

Then, Conde stated that the choice of international facilitator had been made as well and it would be General Lamine Cisse. Cisse is a Senegalese who is in Guinea working for the UN on military reform issues. The opposition cried foul and walked out of the talks.

Note that the Secretary-General of the International Organization of the Francophonie, Abdou Diouf, is offering his services as international facilitator. The opposition would oppose his involvement given that it was the OIF which managed Alpha Conde’s theft of the 2010 presidential elections. Also, hot off the press, is reporting that Senegalese president, Macky Sall, facilitated a mediation effort that involved both Alpha Conde and Cellou Dalein Diallo along the sidelines of a meeting about the development of the Sengal River in Dakar. No further details.

Today, VP for the UFDG, Dr. Fode Oussou Fofana, said that the opposition threatens to head back to the streets in protest unless Alpha Conde agrees to get rid of electoral contractor Waymark and replace it with a company with a more transparent reputation and allow Guineans abroad to vote in legislative elections.


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