GUINEA DIALOGUE: Opposition Sends Letter to PM Fofana About Pending Issues Which Need to be Resolved Prior to Resumption of Talks

On Friday, March 22, in the early morning, the opposition received an invitation from Alhassane Conde, the Minister for Territorial Administration and Decentralization to attend a meeting at the presidential palace at 10am . Given the short notice of the meeting and the fact that there were few details, the opposition opted not to attend. It appears that the only group which received invitations late is the opposition.

PM Fofana is in charge of coordinating the dialogue and Alhassane Conde’s role in calling the Friday morning meeting is not clear.  PM Fofana did speak with opposition leaders later in the day to untangle the morning meeting “confusion.”

Below is a letter the opposition sent PM Fofana on Friday afternoon detailing issues which its wants addressed prior to the beginning of dialogue talks.





Conakry, March 22 2013

To the Prime Minister of the Republic of Guinea
Subject: National Policy Dialogue

Mr. Prime Minister,

As announced in our last letter of 20 March, the opposition political parties grouped in the ADP, the Collective, CDR and FDP met to appoint a national facilitator.

Their choice fell on Mr. Salifou SYLLA, currently a member of the National Transitional Council (CNT) and former Minister of Justice.

We, on the other hand, are awaiting the name of the facilitator proposed by the international community (UN or ECOWAS) so that we can issue, as is usual in such circumstances, our notice of non-objection.

It seems obvious that it is only after the appointment of three members of the Facilitation Committee which chosen by the Government that the national dialogue could actually begin.

So we were surprised to receive a letter this morning from the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization inviting us to a meeting of the consultative today 10:00. In addition to the late receipt of this mail deposited to a member of our party coalition yesterday and received 18 hours in all logic this morning, we believe that the introduction of political dialogue should be subject to the composition of the entire committee facilitation, which is not yet the case.

Moreover, the period of disruption of the CENI has officially ended on March 21, it seems necessary to extend the freeze period of electoral process until the national political dialogue. This decision is all the more urgent as there are persistent reports of the intention of the President of the CENI to resume the revision of the electoral register, which unnecessarily endanger the opening of the dialogue.

We would also draw your attention to the plight of our activists and supporters held for almost a month after marching 27 February. We hope for their immediate release in order to foster the creation of a peaceful environment for the success of the conciliation procedure given that all the people of Guinea expects solutions to the current political, economic and social crisis that our country knows.

Pending this, we thank you in advance for your diligence, Mr. Prime Minister; please receive the expression of our highest consideration.

For ADP, the Collective, CDR and FDP

The Spokesman

CC: Minister of
Territorial Administration
and Decentralization


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