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GUINEA: Conde Punts Gov’t. Dialogue to His RPG Party Which Calls for It to be Dissolved by Tomorrow

March 20, 2013

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Oh, the twists and turns of Guinean politics. Obviously, Thursday, March 21, is a significant day for Conde and his government and maybe we will know why a little later down the road. But, whatever it is, it is the day by which the government has to choke the life out of the dialogue and who better to do that than the RPG-Arc-en-ciel.

Two things happened today regarding the political dialogue in Guinea:

-Prime Minister Fofana confirmed that the government has agreed to the opposition having a facilitator of its own choosing from the international community. For the last few days, this concession has floated around without being fullly confirmed. PM Fofana confirmation today may not be the final word as you will see in the following declaration from the coordinator of the RPG party.

In a declaration delivered today by the coordinator of Conde’s political coalition, RPG- Arc-en-Ciel, Mrs. Cherif Konata Nantou demands that all political actors in the dialogue finish their discussions by Thursday, March 21 – yes, that’s tomorrow.

The declaration also states that the government has conceded many things to the opposition:

-implementation of the new CENI

-amendment of Article 162 of the Electoral Code

-access of political parties to public media

-free exercise of political parties

-neutrality of the administration

-the revision of the electoral rolls

The declaration goes on to say that while the government has conceded many things to the opposition, the opposition is still not satisfied and wants to undermine the electoral process by a hoax and a string of claims in an effort to “prevent change.”

In addition, the declaration says that the RPG-Arc-en-ciel is willing to adhere to any presidential initiative to facilitate participative and inclusive political dialogue that is in line with the inviolability of national sovereignty. (This, of course, refers to the opposition demand for an international facilitator.)

The declaration ends with the request that all parties involved in the dialogue should conclude discussions by March 21, 2013 so that the country can go to elections as soon as possible.

For the government, It appears that agreeing to an international facilitator for the opposition, and all the issues which surround it, caused a chain reaction necessitating the closing down of the dialogue. By inserting the RPG-Arc-en-Ciel in the process at this juncture, the government replaced itself with an entity that cannot concede anything. Yet, like an unrelenting chihuahua, it can gnaw at the heels of the opposition and de-stabilize all political processes. In the end, the government has punted and now it will be up to political parties to duke it out among themselves. Of course, the government will remain intimately involved in the RPG-Arc-en-ciel strategy.

Let’s wait to see what kind of noise we hear from the international community.

Finally, this is how the declaration began, classic RPG talk, and an insult to all those who died and had their homes burned by the government’s RPG and Donzo militias beginning on February 27 and lasting for several days thereafter: “The political transition, of which our nation is committed, unfortunately had moments of misunderstanding between political actors, which often led to violence of all kinds.”


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