Opposition Accuses Four Conde Officials of Financing Targeted Looting and Murder by RPG Militias and Donzos Against Its Supporters and Residents of Peul Neighborhoods

CONDE’S MERCENARIES OF CHOICE – DONZOS.  This photo was taken on September 28, 2011 as they celebrated their “kills” from the day before. They stabbed and shot opposition protesters.  Note that Conde’s “red berets” joined the party.

[Translated into English via Google with editing by Guinea Oye]

The opposition raised its voice against Conde’s government. In a statement released of which www.guinee58.com holds a copy, the opposition leaders accuse four senior officials of the Conde’s administration of having used public money to fund thugs who looted shops and boutiques traders as well as the murders of innocent citizens going about their business. This is Malick Sankhon, Resco Camara,  Mustafa NAITE and Moussa Keita Kabassan.

The full statement of opposition

“Joint Declaration of the Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP), the Collective of Political Parties for the Completion of the Transition (Collective) and the Republican Club (CDR).

Political parties members of the ADP, the Collective and CDR inform the national and international authorities of the recurrent participation of donzos (hunters from the forest area who have been used as mercenaires by Alpha Conde – editor’s note) and other thugs of the ruling party (RPG-Arc-en-ciel) responsible for the repression of peaceful opposition protesters.
These private RPG militias which often benefit from the support of the police, are funded by a group called “Framework of Public Administration” which identifies targets and plans actions to be taken against opposition activists and their property.
Executives most involved in this business of repression of the opposition:

– SANKHON Malick, Director General of the Security Fund (CNSS)
– Sekou Resco Camara, Governor of Conakry
– Moussa Keita Kabassan, CEO of the National Center for Fisheries Surveillance (CNSP)
– Moustapha NAITE, Managing Director of Built Heritage Public

They have the distinction of all being officials of the Guinean government using public funds to recruit, train and motivate real hordes of thugs who attack, rape and kill with the aim of discouraging any subsequent event of opposition. ADP, the Collective and CDR are of the opinion to witness and draw the attention of all organizations in defense of human rights regarding grave risks that these unscrupulous people, motivated solely by their personal interests are making a run at civil peace, political stability and national unity. In any event, the Guinean opposition has the right to complain to the national and international courts against these persons regarding incitement to hatred and violence, undermining national unity and repeated violations of human rights guaranteed by our Constitution.

Conakry, March 18th, 2013
The Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP)
The Collective Political Parties for Completing the Transition
The Republican Club (CDR)


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