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Guinea Update 3-14: CENI Suspends Operations for a Week and It Looks Like Jean Marc Telliano Will Be Tried

March 14, 2013


Based on this article: Freeze on CENI Activities for One Week: “This is a headlong rush . . .” protests Dr. Fode Oussou Fofana, Vice-President of the UFDG Opposition Party

The CENI announced today that it would halt its activities to allow an opportunity for the government-sponsored dialogue to work. Guineenews visited the offices of the UFDG opposition party and spoke with its Vice-President, Dr. Fode Oussou Fofana, to get a reaction. Dr. Fofana said that halting the work of the CENI for one week is not helpful. He said that the government knows very well that there are several difficult issues that must be resolved before the opposition could even consider participating in a dialogue: agreement to allow Guineans abroad to vote in legislative elections, release of opposition supporters arrested in relation to the February 27 opposition march, getting rid of Waymark and finding a replacement contract which will guarantee transparency, etc.

Fofana said that the one week suspension of CENI activities is a “headlong rush.”


Jean Marc Telliano Meets with Prosecutor Over Charge of Slander

[based on informationfrom]

Telliano was back at the prosecutor’s office today in Mafanco, Thursday, to discuss the charge of slander for remarks he made about Alpha Conde during the February 27 march. It appears things did not go to well as Telliano and the prosecutor locked horns. It looks as though the case will go to trial. Telliano’s attorneys maintain the government’s actions constitute harassment of their client. Telliano was the agriculture minister in Conde’s cabinet until Conde fired him. Shortly thereafter, Telliano joined the opposition. Speculation is that these legal proceedings are nothing short of “payback.”


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