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Opposition Leader, Jean Marc Telliano, Interrogated for 4 Hours at Gendarmerie for Defamation and Insulting Alpha Conde

March 12, 2013

Jean Marc Telliano, leader of the RDIG opposition party and former minister of agriculture in Alpha Conde’s administration

(Information for this post was gathered frrom

After four days of hearing rumors that he was about to be charged for insulting the president and having state security follow him everywhere, Jean Marc Telliano, leader of the RDIG opposition, paid a visit to the prosecutor in Mafanco to ascertain the charges against him. The prosecutor directed Telliano to go to his local gendarmerie in Yimbaya to be questioned.

Telliano brought along some of his RDIG party officials, the Vice-President of the UFDG, Dr. Fode Oussou Fofana, and his two attorneys. Telliano was interrogated for four hours.

According to authorities, Telliano made statements at the February 27 opposition march which defamed Conde. Attorneys for Telliano say that the statements which the authorities claimed to be offensive were unclear and appeared to be pieced together.

On March 7, gendarmes arrived at Telliano’s home apparently intent on arresting him. Minutes before, Telliano received advance warning from a police friend that the gendarmes were on their way. Telliano fled his home just in time.

Telliano is smart to bring an entourage with him and to first pay a visit to the prosecutor because it keeps things relatively public. The worst that could happen is that gendarmes rouse him out of bed in the middle of the night and take him to an unknown destination. No doubt, Telliano has increased his own private security.

Recall that, in the days after the February 27 opposition march, three opposition leaders received anonymous telephone calls in which their lives were threatened –– Mouctar Diallo, Faya Millimono, and Jean Marc Telliano.


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