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FLASH! Conde Forced to Do About-Face on His Political Trial of the Opposition Scheduled for Thursday

March 11, 2013

A_DixinnOne of several opposition marches in Guinea over the last two years –now this is a mandate!

Yesterday, Guinea Oye reported that all leaders of all opposition parties had been summoned to the court in Dixinn this coming Thursday to answer charges of “civil liability” for damages associated with violence and destruction of property during the February 27 opposition march.

Well, today, Conde is forced to do an about-face. Ibrahima Beavogui, communications director for the Ministry of Justice, announced that the convocation scheduled for Thursday is cancelled and that, instead, the legal process will continue with perpetrators to be dealt with on an individual basis.

So what happened between yesterday and today? A virtual avalanche of criticism from the West and three West African presidents, Alassane Ouattara of the Ivory Coast, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia, and Ernest Bai Kormoa of Sierra Leone, who visited with Conde yesteday under the guise of Mano River issues and Mali.

One can imagine the three presidents sitting at a table and drawing the picture for Conde. A courtroom filled with the leadership of the opposition being harangued by a judge for every petty crime the government could dream up, The drawing also includes a view of outside the court house where hundreds of thousands of opposition supporters are gathered in anger over the audacity of the government. And, yes, along the edges of the huge crowd stand police and gendarmes with their trigger fingers itching.

As has happened ever since Conde came to office, he treats his political opposition as if they were enemies of the state. This is how it goes with guys like Conde who steal their elections and lack a true mandate to govern.

Looks like Conde is the mad man of West Africa, his three neighbors don’t want his barbaric governance to spill across their borders, and the rest of the international community is taking the temperature of business investors trying to figure out next steps.

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