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Feb. 27 Guinea Opposition March: The Video, Starring Conde’s Cops as They Throw Rocks at Cars and People

March 11, 2013


Power to the People!

NOTE:  Sorry, video placed in post last night was wrong one.  Now the full version is inserted below.

What a joyous treat it is to watch this video (further below). If anyone doubted that several hundred thousand opposition supporters participated in the march, this video confirms it as a virtual sea of people hit the streets in the struggle to liberate their country.

You will see that the march was interrupted several times by rock-throwing RPG supporters and police letting off tear gas. In some instances, the tear gas is massive and could easily have caused a stampede in the crowd.

There are great segments showing cheering people on either side of the highway as well as those in the caravan and march.  In the last few minutes you will see various opposition leaders making speeches.

But, the best five seconds of the video shows Conde’s not so finest cops, throwing rocks at the people in the caravan and at vehicles belonging to opposition leaders. The cop rock-throwing clip is repeated numerous times in the video so if you don’t catch right off, you will seeing it again soon.

Note that the video is a little grainy and throughout its 1 hour, 11 minutes length, it is punctuated several times with still pics and video and then returns to the chronological account of the march.

For those of you who do not have the time to view the whole video, here are a few highlights and the minute marks were you can see them:

-Rock throwing cops, 12 second mark (again, this clip is repeated throughout the video)

The crowd, I recommend you watch from the 5:24 mark through to the 15:00 mark

-Tear gas, 41:49 mark, 42:12, and 50:06

-Car damage, 48:09 mark

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