Opposition Buries Its Dead: Prayer Finished at Faycal Grand Mosque, Funeral Procession Next

The list of nine people who lost their lives during the latest opposition demonstration in Conakry.

Following is the list of those who died during and after the February 27 opposition march authorized by the government. Today, seven of the nine killed will be buried. The other two, the policeman and a man of Christian faith were buried earlier in the week. Large crowds are gathered around the mosque and there is a distinct police-gendarmes presence.

After leaving the Grand Mosque Faycal, the procession will head to Bambeto for the burial.

1) – Tinder Tela Bah, 23 years, student;
2) – Abdoulaye Sow, 13 years old, student;
3) – Albert Faya Touré, 29 years old, driver;
4) – Thierno Abdoul Bah, 17 years old, student;
5) – Mamadou Alpha Diallo, 15 years old, student;
6) – Mamadou Aliou Bah, 20 years old, student;
7) – Mamadou Diaouné, 18 years, student;
8) – Daouda Camara, carpenter;
9) – Mamadou Aliou Bah, 21 years old, trader


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