GUINEA: Different Funeral Procession, Same Conde Regime Tactics — RPG Throwing Rocks and Security Services Lobbing Tear Gas

In addition to the details further below about the RPG (Conde’s party) pelting the funeral procession with rocks, is reporting that security troops let off tear gas at the scene and fired warning shots in the air. This alone could start a deadly stampede in a large crowd.

Incidents at Opposition Funeral Procession reported by

RPG decidedly activists will stop at nothing to prove their political cruelty and meanness of their struggle. After brutally murdering poor people quietly going about their daily business, the activists of the presidential movement allowed themselves to throw stones at the crowd that transports victims to their final resting place in the cemetery in Bambeto.

After the prayer, which was held in great excitement at the Great Mosque Fayçal the crowd in possession of the caskets bearing down calmly to Bambeto. But this calm was of short duration. After arrival at the seat of the headquarters of Conde’s party, the RPG, those in the funeral procession were brutally surprised by stones thrown down on them like rain. Many participants were injured and some are being transported right now to the closest health facilities.

This umpteenth provocation by RPG activists belies the statement of the RPG politicians who promised to close their headquarters to deal with these unfortunate mishaps. (Note from Guinea Oye: Late yesterday, the RPG contacted the media to say it would close down its headquarters in Hamdallye so that no incidents would take place during the funeral procession, Obviously, that was a ruse to better catch opposition members off-guard today.) This proves that most RPG militants and their leaders are liars who never keep their promise. Under these conditions, it is needless to negotiate with them because, after all, they will not follow through on what they have committed to publicly.

We will return …

Zenab Bangoura, , Conakry


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