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GUINEA: Massive Opposition Funeral Procession, Tomorrow, Friday, March 8 and Conde Gov’t. Making Threats Against Lives of Opposition Leaders

March 7, 2013

Following are two articles from the Guinean press. The first describes plans for the funeral procession to bury nine opposition activists tomorrow, Friday, March 8. The second concerns apparent plans by Conde’s government to physically eliminate at least three opposition leaders: Jean Marc Telliano (RDIG), Mouctar Diallo (NFD) and Faya Millimono (BL).

In the past, Guinean security services have met funeral processions with tear gas and live fire. Please see the following Guinea Oye post of October 3, 2012 and the shocking account of Conde’s security services firing on a funeral procession on September 28, 2012:

(PICS) On the Third Anniversary of the 2009 Massacre, Guinea Security Forces Fire Into Funeral Procession – Four Wounded

If you combine the violence which took place during and after the February 27 march with what surely will be a massive funeral procession, along with threats against the lives of some opposition leaders, tomorrow, Friday, looks as though it could be a very dangerous day.

Stay tuned . . .

Articles have been translated into English with editing by Guinea Oye.

Funeral of nine opposition activists on Friday, a long procession at high risk …

posted March 7, 2013 at 9:47 am

This is a joint statement by the Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP) of collective political parties to finalize the transition (Collective) and club Republicans (CDR) signed yesterday regarding arrangements for the funeral of nine opposition activists which will be held this Friday, March 8, 2013.
Killed by bullets or knives, the young opposition activists were killed on the day of the march of the opposition, on February 27, and in the days that followed. That is why the member parties of the ADP, the collective and the CDR-organizers of the said event, ask their “activists and supporters and all Guinean citizens who love justice and freedom to participate massively in the funeral to pay a final tribute to the illustrious dead. ”
According to the opposition, funeral ceremonies begin at 13 hours by removing the body from Donka Hospital, followed by prayers at the Grand Mosque Faisal. Before burial in the cemetery of Bambeto, the funeral procession will leave the mosque to take the route of Prince highway, through Dixinn, and reach Hamdallaye Bambeto. The opposition “also invites the people of Guinea to make this day Friday, March 8, 2013 a day of recollection for the repose of the souls of the nine martyrs and all victims of political violence in Guinea. ”
The mourners can meet at the mosque and proceed to the cemetery in Bambeto. Slogans can be sung by young people who accompany their dead friends, speeches (more caustic) by political leaders, and especially the likely reaction of RPG (Conde’s party) militants as the procession passes by their headquarters based in Hamdallaye … more than one in Conakry is risk averse concerning this funeral Friday, March 8.

Nouhou Baldé
Conakry, Guinea

Policy –Opposition Leaders Jean Marc Telliano, Faya Millimono, and Mouctar Diallo in fear for their lives

posted March 7, 2013 at 9:53 |

It is 4:30 p.m. © Guinéenews learned of the presence of policemen in civilian clothes at the headquarters of opposition party, RDIG in Yimbaya. According to our information, the President of RDIG and former Minister of Agriculture in Alpha Conde’s cabinet, Jean Marc Telliano narrowly missed being arrested at his home today after receiving word that police were on their way to pick him up.

According to Mouctar Diallo, President of the NFD opposition party, Jean Marc Telliano called him personally with the news. “He told me they want to kill us,” says the former Minister of Livestock, Diallo, over the phone to © Guinéenew. He spoke of a desire by the government to eliminate physically opponents of Conde’s government which included himself, Jean Marc Telliano (RDIG) and Dr. Faya Milimono, president of the Liberal block (BL).
All attempts to contact Jean Marc Telliano were unsuccessful. His phone rings and nobody picks up!
For his part, the Chairman of the BL, Millimono was unavailable as we publish these lines.
Guinea is currently experiencing a political crisis, exacerbated by violence resulting from an opposition walk approved by the government. The violence, which paralyzed the country for more than a week has claimed the lives of nine opposition activists that will be buried tomorrow, Friday, after a long funeral procession from the mosque Faisal (Dixinn) to the Cemetery in Bambeto (Ratoma).
In recent days, the opposition is now seeking a formal, international mediation to avoid the worst …

Nouhou Baldé
Conakry, Guinea

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