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GUINEA: Conde’s “Kristallnacht”- Six Dead, 200 Injured, 62 Arrests, Mutilations and Security Forces Kidnap Thousands of Youth in Middle of Night in Pita, Mamou, Dalaba, and Labe Taking Them to Unknown Destinations

March 4, 2013


Conde’s forces are mutilating victims, primarily by cutting off ears and fingers

Kristallnacht, “Night of Broken Glass,” refers to a Nazi pogrom against Jews in Germany in November 1938. Over a two day period, a German paramilitary force, in collusion with civilians, uprooted Jews to banish them from the country. To accomplish this, they destroyed Jewish-owned buildings, taking sledgehammers to homes, stores, synagogues, schools, and hospitals. German authorities looked on without intervening.

When it was over 100 people were killed and 30,000 were sent to concentration camps.

In Guinea, between Saturday night and Sunday, three more people were killed bringing the total deaths to 6 since last Wednesday in attacks by RPG thugs, state security, and mercenaries. More deaths can be expected in these Peul neighborhoods, especially those who are wounded already but are unable to safely leave their homes and obtain medical treatment.

The 200 injured are filling up Conakry hospitals and include gunshots and stab wounds, as knives tend to be the favorite of domestic mercenaries,Donzos (hunters).

On Friday, the government announced that 62 people were arrested for demonstration-related “crimes.” You can bet most, if not all, are Peuls and their fate in the hands of the government is tenuous at best. Leaving them to rot in jail is not out of the question. Further, the government stated it would go after the “coordinators” of the march, meaning leaders of the various opposition parties.

Finally, the punishment of choice in ethnic wars, mutilation, has reared its ugly head. As early as last Thursday, hospitals and clinics received patients whose ears and finger had been cut off.

As for other parts of Guinea, young men are being snatched out of their homes in the middle of the night and taken off to unknown destinations. Read the following story from

Exclusive: Thousands of young activists arrested UFDG nightly in Mamou, Pita, Labe and Dalaba and taken to unknown destinations

Google translation into English

Monday, March 4, 2013 10:38

logo_ufdg Guinea, our beloved country is decidedly straight into the wall. After looting their property, rape their girls, murdering gruesome conditions of their children, the community of Pulaar Guinea continues to face the wrath of the dictatorial regime of Alpha Condé.

Anti-Peul war held in Conakry by President Alpha Conde now extends Fouta Djallon. Sources close to the UFDG thousands of their young activists were arrested in their sleep by the police on the orders of President Alpha Condé and taken to unknown destinations.

It all started around 1am when unexpected arrests were recorded in several cities including Pita, Dalaba, Mamou and Labe. “We have had several families who have reported the arrest of their youth while they slept quietly at home “A federal official of the UFDG (opposition party) confirmed this information when reached by telephone. “They were arrested without judicial warrant” he laments. “Most were beaten and humiliated in front of their families before being thrown into vans of police” say several people.

Unable to join the President UFDG Diallo, several of his relatives have confirmed to be aware of the arrest of their politicians in grotesque and deplorable conditions.

We will return …

Moussa Marah, , Conakry


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