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Conde Meeting – What is the Worst that Could Happen after Senseless “Kumbayah” and Gov’t.’s Meaningless Pledge for True Dialogue? Having to Shake Conde’s Bloody Hand

March 4, 2013

In the  photo below, opposition coalition spokesperson, Aboubacar Sylla shakes Conde’s hand. Hopefully, the opposition will not bother with such meetings in the future because Conde is using their presence as a ruse to get an “atta-boy “from the international community.

Hopefully, the opposition will turn its attention to the important things such as figuring out how to arm residents in Peul-opposition neighborhoods so they can defend themselves.

While this meeting was taking place, Conde’s forces were setting buildings ablaze, attacking unarmed citizens and kidnapping youth from their homes in the Fouta.

Alpha Condé encounter opposition and promises a framework for consultation

Posted on March 4, 2013

Alpha Condé and the opposition

After meeting with opposition leaders this Monday, March 4, 2013 at the Palais Sékoutouréyah as announced, President Alpha Condé promises a framework for dialogue in a short time with any political tendency which will be chaired by the prime minister head of government, Mohamed Said Fofana.

This meeting’s main objective was to restore serenity, peace, do so as the willingness of each other is realized by concrete acts very forthcoming negotiations with the Prime Minister had the presence of representatives of the presidential, the opposition called republican, centrist members of the government and those of the Office of the President of the Republic under the presidency of Alpha Condé.

At the end of the meeting of political parties and the president, who 1h 30mn, different leaders have lent our questions, including the spokesman of the group, ADP and CDR, Aboubacar Sylla representing the parties opposition called Republican, the center, Jean Marie Doré, the presidential Dr Kake Makanera.

Aboubacar Sylla representative of the collective, ADP and CDR, gives his impression: “We have responded favorably to the invitation of the head of state which I had the honor of chairing the delegation. At this meeting, there is no debate, just positions that each and others have expressed regarding the collective, ADP and CDR, we recalled our claims including those that have been partially met regarding the partial reconstitution of INEC and those we willingly relinquished for the moment, because we considered that it was necessary to highlight the key demands that contribute to the implementation of the future parliament.

Continuing, he said that they emphasized the need to change operator and technical Waymark was chosen under opaque flagrant violation of a law which is the public procurement code and the vote Guinea is right for them.

He also took this occasion to deplore the violence that had linked these days and says he presented the results “macabre” of violence to the authorities, namely the seven dead, over 20 injured and hospitalized, some are in critical condition nearly 200 wounded more or less light, of an unspecified number of arrests and the destruction of property.

For him, they asked what was all the injured were taken over by the state and those that are based directly or indirectly from this sad event in recent days that they are brought before the courts competent. And felt as hard as compensation compensation should be implemented for all those who have suffered violence.

Mr. Sylla behalf blocks that represented said to be available to go to a frank and sincere dialogue, but he says before asking that the international community is involved in the resolution of the crisis in Guinea, because all ombudsmen who have invested in bringing positions between the parties were all forced to throw in the towel, new laments Aboubacar Sylla dressed imam.

His part Jean Mari Dore say, they reminded President Alpha Condé’s unfulfilled promise of November 15, 2011, which is the regular meeting of political parties.

According to him, this lack of consultation, dialogue and expulsion of opposition political parties and power have led to extreme stances that caused the events that have occurred because the dialogue was evacuated.

Kake Makanera for the Head of State reiterated his desire to get above the fray to enable Guinea to emerge from this transition is long term. He reassured each other to create a dialogue that will benefit all Guineans. The movement welcomes this position and during said meeting wherever consensus not work referred to in the law before called on political parties in opposition to more responsibility.

For its part, the government spokesman, Albert Camara Damantang, after congratulating all those who were present at the meeting, which he said is extremely important, said they welcomed the commitment of all those who were present to restore social peace and achieving together to free elections, transparent and inclusive and also noted the willingness of all stakeholders to comply with the law, he suggested and asked all political actors have a responsibility to call their activists met peacefully.

In any case, political parties waiting in the hours or days ahead that arrangements are made for a real debate is established for Guinea so this transition is long term.

Oumar M’Böh /

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