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Conde Meeting March 4: Opposition Leaders Will Not Attend, But Spokesperson Sylla Will with 2 Reps., March 6: Opposition Will Bury Its Dead and Announce Next Event

March 3, 2013


Prior to the February 27 march, Conde issued an invitation to the “political class” to meet with him to discuss reconciliation, peace and the election. The opposition held off declaring whether it would attend. After the state-sponsored violence of the last five days, the international community is pushing hard for Conde to proceed with the meeting and to have opposition parties participate.

While tomorrow’s meeting promises to be a preposterous dance to soothe the international community, look for Conde to take advantage of his platform to exacerbate the situation.

Look for the burial procession on Wednesday to be dangerous. In the past when the opposition has gathered to bury those who died in previous demonstrations, state security has tear gassed participants, as well as families of the deceased, and used these intrusions as an opportunity to commit mass arrests. The burial procession on Wednesday will be enormous, as always. With all opposition leaders walking in the procession, neither the RPG thugs nor state security will sit idly by.

Note that, in addition to the opposition complaints listed below in an article by, other Guinean websites suggest that the opposition representatives will also take the opportunity to reiterate their primary demands that Waymark be replaced with a new contract which guarantees transparency and to allow Guineans who live abroad to vote in legislative elections.

Meeting with Alpha Conde opposition politely declines

Bountouraby Soumah Sunday, March 3, 2013 9:17 p.m.


palais_presidentiel_Conakry_Sekoutoureya_2_01 The leaders of the Collective, ADP and CDR came to consult about the opportunity to respond to the call of President Alpha Condé for a meeting this Monday, March 4, 2013 at the Palace Sékhoutouréyah. After discussions that our sources have described as “stormy,” the three political blocs decide to respond with a simple emanation. This delegation will be led by the spokesman of the three political blocs and also will consist of Dr. Bangoura of the CDR and Mrs.Traoré, Zalikatou Dr. Diallo, the SARP will aim to present the grievances of the opposition to President Alpha Condé. These complaints are, among others:

  • the cessation of activities of CENI;
  • the release of opposition activists arrested in connection with the opposition march on February 27 and the following days;
  • health care for the injured in the violence that marred the Guinean capital these past few days;
  • opening a thorough investigation to bring to justice the perpetrators of physical abuse and economic damage, some citizens were victims;
  • establishing a framework for dialogue with international mediation or as a default under the aegis of Friends of Guinea countries represented by their ambassadors in Conakry.

Besides this, various leaders also discussed the burial of their militants killed in the violence of recent days. In this regard, it was agreed that the victims of the opposition would be buried on Wednesday, March 6, 2013. After the funeral prayer in the Faisal mosque, there will be a funeral procession to the cemetery in Bambeto and all opposition leaders will be present. If by then, no progress has been made on its complaints made to the government on Monday, the date for a new opposition event will be announced at the end of the burial ceremony.

Bountouraby Soumah
Conakry for GuineeActu

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