Alpha Conde Starts His Planned Civil War in Guinea


When the international community leaned on Conde to play nice and allow the February 27 march to take place, people who know little about Guinea may have thought things were improving a bit. Little did they know that, for Conde, rather than the march being a problem, it was an “opportunity” to unleash a civil war he has been planning for a long time.

Why now? Guinea has disintegrated into a living hell and the international community is all over Conde like white on rice. Even France and the Francophonie who inserted Conde into the presidency in the 2010 election, are pursing their lips over their enfant terrible. For business investors, Conde is a distinct liability to their pursuit of lucrative mining opportunities as the country becomes exponentially more unstable every day.

Conde knows his days are numbered if he continues to play ball with the international community. He needs the nagging diplomats off his back and out of the country, far away from high ranking military officers with a mind to pull off a coup. So, Conde has just thrown his biggest monkey wrench into the international machine that put him in office. He has created Armageddon on the ground in Guinea and his plan is two-fold: lengthen his stay in office and conduct an extermination of Peuls, including Peul political leaders, before he is overthrown and a Peul ends up in the driver’s seat. On February 27, 2013, Conde inaugurated Guinea’s Peul-Malinke civil war.

The following article talks about the first few days of this war and what might happen in the days to come:

Note that “Peul” and “Fulani” are names for the same ethnic group and can be used interchangeably.  The article was translated into English via Google with editing by Guinea Oye

Alpha Condé starts his planned civil war in Guinea

Lamarana Petty Diallo Saturday, March 2, 2013 3:47 p.m.


DIALLO_Lamarana__Petty_5_01 Alpha Condé has not digested the successful progress of the Guinean opposition with the march of 27 February 2013. Since that day, Conde has targeted, not all activists and supporters of the opposition in the Collective, ADP and CDR, but only the Fulani. At this moment, the armed wing of Alpha Condé consists of hooligans of his party, the RPG, the police forces and Donzo mercenaries and other unidentified bandits, engaged in the worst violence against the Fulani in Guinea’s capital.

The inhabitants of the suburbs of Conakry, hearing the Fulani, did not sleep a wink. The gunfire overnight resonated throughout suburbs mainly inhabited by the Fulani community. Incursions into their homes were conducted and include lots of theft, rape, destruction of property, and civilian deaths ​throughout the night of March 1 through Saturday, March 2. Guinea is entering into an unheard of cycle of violence in exacerbated since Alpha Conde came to power.

At this very moment, anti-Fulani purges continue throughout Conakry. Easily identifiable, the Fulani are hunted down, abused, killed, in the streets, in neighborhoods and in their homes.

Unfortunately, they have only their hands to defend themselves against criminals who shoot real bullets and wear knives, and carry machetes and iron bars, etc.for attacks. The Malinke thugs backed by the police, and mercenaries Donzos, and surely Angolans mercenaries (who had been expelled from Guinea-Bissau) spread terror among the Fulani who are accused of being supporters of the opposition UFDG party. Answers to questions about party affiliation must be answered quickly and carefully if there is to be any hope of avoiding the violence of RPG and the killer Condé, say people contacted on site. They do not want to let it go and no longer believe in whining to anyone: international community or otherwise. Unfortunately this loss of confidence and hope can pave the way for all to legitimately defend their lives.

Among the criminals closely associated with Alpha Condé, is one of his presidential guards, Moriba Camara, nicknamed “Red Devil,” who is particularly noted for his cruelty. He pulls up next to a victim and fires live ammunition at close range. When this article was posted, he had already seriously injured ten (10) people and when I put this update online, the eleventh of his victims had died. Other excellent sources indicate that seven (7) people were killed overnight in Peul neighborhoods in the suburbs.

Abuses continue and may worsen because an announcement which was just made live from Conakry say that the police are going up to the suburbs. If the police use RPG hooligans to reinforce them, you can imagine what will happen to their unarmed victims.

Alpha Conde is behind everything that happens in Guinea. It is he who has sent forces of war\, criminal-thug Malinkes, and Donzos and other mercenaries who are scattered in barracks throughout Guinea for specific purposes:

  • exterminate Fulani, arbitrarily established as enemies;
  • bill this as a “match-up” between Peul and Malinke, tell others the conflict does not affect them, it is between Peul and Malinke;
  • isolate the Fulani and make the Soussou and Forest ethnic groups believe they are safe from his murderous regime. Once the case of those he considers to be the real strength against his dictatorship, set, he will turn against the two ethnic groups and subjugate them. For him, the only problem are the Fulani because “other ethnicities are purchasable and malleable.”

But Conde is wrong. It is the people of Guinea who are determined now to hunt their country. Guineans are becoming increasingly aware of the warning of General Lansana Conté who, speaking of Alpha Condé, said: “This man is dangerous. Never let him into Guinea. He is not ours. “Unfortunately this is true since Alpha Conde was “parachuted” into power in our country.

Finally, the day when the Fulani and other ethnic groups, because their turn will come, decide not to be surprised and killed by the thugs of Alpha Condé, the day the Civil War breaks out that the Guinean dictator was preparing..

Guineans together understand that the earlier Alpha Conde goes, the sooner peace will come. So let us on the outside get up to support our citizens inside the country. Demonstrations should begin as soon as possible to call for the removal of Alpha Condé from office.

Lamarana Petty Diallo


2 thoughts on “Alpha Conde Starts His Planned Civil War in Guinea

  1. Ibrahima

    Those who listened to the speech of Alpha Conde have confirmation that he could not have got the title of professor, moreover, from the Sorbonne in Paris.
    Alpha Condé does not speak French. He described himself as “father of the nation”. That’s usurpation. One more!
    So much for him and also for some Guineans, hereafter the definition of “Father of the Nation”:
    – Father of the Nation means a person who played a key role in the founding of the country or in the establishment of the political regime of the country. It is sometimes referred to as the Father of the Country and Founding Father.
    The independent Republic of Guinea was born on 2 October 1958. How can he be the father 52 years later? Ridiculous and pathetic!
    Many Guineans should nail that definition on the wall of their office and bedroom to remember and not forget the meaning of “father of the nation”. Dame Rabiatou of the CNT needs to know as well.

    1. Right on! Right on! You are so right that Conde could never be the “Father of the Nation” and here is further evidence why –Alpha Kone (AKA Alpha Conde) who was born to a Burkinabe father and a senegalo-malienne mother and spent 59 of his 73 years in France (apparently not studying at the Sorbonne) is very lucky to have Guinean citizenship, thanks to his parents spending a little time in Boke. CITIZEN CONDE is the best he can ever do!

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