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US State Dept. Press Release Regarding Violence in Guinea: Short, Dry and On Target

March 1, 2013



From Washington, the U.S. government calls for non-violence and support for a peaceful, democratic process in Guinea. This is the full press statement of the Government of the United States, which is closely following the situation in Guinea.

Guinéenews transmitted via the U.S. Embassy in Guinea:


Press Statement

The United States deplores the violence that disrupted political demonstrations in Conakry, Guinea, and we reiterate our call for all political parties, government officials, security forces and civil society to participate in and support the democratic process and to commit to non-violence throughout the electoral cycle. The United States continues to urge the Republic of Guinea to work with all parties to ensure that peaceful and transparent elections take place.

Patrick Ventrell

Deputy Spokesperson, Office of the Spokesperson

Washington, DC

February 28, 2013

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  1. Mohammed Hadir permalink
    March 1, 2013 11:07 AM

    Do you really believe that statement from the State Department? Do you really believe they want peace? Do you think the U.S. interest is in the Guinea people? Do you think the U.S. supports dictators? Do you think Obama cares about Africa? How many innocent people must die in Guinea before the UN will act? What role is the major mining companies playing in the stability of Guinea? Do you think Tony Blair wants democracy in Guinea? Name me one western nation really wants to see the Conde government truly democratic? Name me what development programs, roads, hospitals, power, clean water, and education programs, that this government has implemented? These are the questions the U.S. State Department should be asking to the leadership of the Republic of Guinea. Anything short of this is lip service and empty words.

    • March 1, 2013 11:40 AM

      As with all things of a diplomatic nature, little is sincere, but the first sentence in the press release acknowledges that the Wednesday march was disrupted by violence, not that the marchers caused the violence. This is important because the US knows that Conde is building a case that the marchers committed violent attacks on the cops and wants to haul the opposition leaders into court for it. The US, like always, woke up this morning, and got the beejeebers scared out of it and the press release suggests the US will not publicly go along with Conde’s blame the opposition scenario and yes, while self-serving, states a reality that normally would never finds its way to a diplomatic statement.

      The rest of it is fluff. Guinea Oye! is a testament to not trusting anyone or anything to do the right thing by the people of Guinea.

      As always, thanks for your thoughtful comments.

      Hasta la victoria siempre!

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